How To Cook Beef Caldereta | Beef Caldereta Recipe

Caldereta or Kaldereta is one of the most popular Pinoy cuisines that is served in every Filipino household especially during special occassions, parties and festivities.  Caldereta can be prepared by using either pork, chicken beef or goat  combined with potato, carrots, green olives, tomato sauce, etc.

Here's a very delicious beef caldereta recipe shared by Chef Lery Poblete via Youtube.

Beef Caldereta Ingredients:

* 1.5 lbs of beef, shoulder
* liver spread
* tomato sauce
* sausage
* tomato
* lime
* red bell pepper
* garlic
* beef buillion (or stock)
* onion
* carrots
* potato
* green olives

How To Cook Beef Caldereta:

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