Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

I think I have (finally) mastered the art of cooking ginisang munggo (stir-fried mung beans)! Haha! When you cook it every week like I do, it's not surprising how this dish can be just as easy as boiling water. Good thing my cousin taught me a new twist in cooking munggo. What do you say to adding ginger and spinach into the mix?

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

Read on.

Thank goodness to this new discovery that I have a new healthy recipe in cooking munggo (mung beans). Did you know that you can add spinach and ginger in this munggo dish? Brilliant!

Here's how:

Ingredients in cooking munggo with ginger:
- garlic, crushed and chopped
- ginger, crushed and chopped

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

- onions, chopped
- tomatoes, chopped not diced

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

- mung beans, boiled to softness
- spinach

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

- shrimps or pork, cut into small sizes

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

- fish sauce
- black pepper
- long green chili (siling haba)

Steps in cooking munggo with ginger:
1. Boil the mung beans to softness for 30-45 minutes under medium-high heat.
2. Set the cooked beans aside without draining. We'll use this broth for our soup.
3. Put oil unto a hot deep pan.
4. Saute' the garlic until golden brown.
5. Saute' the ginger with the garlic.
6. Add in the shrimps or pork into the pan. Stir well.
7. Season the dish with fish sauce and a bit of pepper.
8. When the proteins are cooked, add the onions. Stir well
9. When the onions soften, add the tomatoes. Stir well.

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

Crush the tomatoes while stirring. It will add a stronger flavor into the dish.

10. Cover the pan. Lower the heat; and allow the dish to simmer.
11. Slowly the add mung beans and its broth into the dish.
12. Let it boil so the flavors come together.
13. Once it boils, adjust the taste to your preference. Add ginger or fish sauce as desired. I usually add some more ginger at this point to give the soup a strong kick.

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

14. Let the dish boil once more after seasoning.
15. Add the spinach.

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

16. Let the dish simmer until the spinach cooks.
17. Make the final adjustments at this point.

It also helps to add a pinch of salt. It usually brings out the flavors of the dish.

18. Turn off the heat and put the long green chili on top.
19. Do not stir.

Cooking Munggo with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

20. Cover the pan and remove it from the stove.

You'll smell the aroma of chili and ginger coming out of your pot when you finally open it during serving time! Ahh, heavenly! This dish is perfect with steamed rice and fried fish.


Mung Beans with Ginger (Soup Recipe)

5/5 stars
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Total time: 40 minutes
Calories per serving: Low calorie
Fat per serving: Low fat

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Mung beans (munggo)
  • Spinach
  • Shrimps or pork
  • Fish sauce
  • Pepper
  • Long green chili
Cooking Directions:
  1. Boil the mung beans to softness.
  2. Set aside.
  3. Saute' garlic in a hot pan with oil.
  4. Add the ginger when the garlic turns golden.
  5. Add the shrimps or pork.
  6. Season the dish with fish sauce and pepper.
  7. Add the onions when the proteins cook.
  8. Add the tomatoes, next.
  9. Add the mung beans together with its sauce.
  10. Allow to boil.
  11. Add the spinach.
  12. Season the dish once more with fish sauce and pepper.
  13. Allow to simmer.
  14. Serve while hot.
I hope you enjoyed this one. Remember me when you cook!


  1. The only way I have eaten mung beans is as sprouts. This recipe seems delicious and easy to make. How much heat does the chili provide? I like spice so I might add red chili flakes. (h)

    1. Hi kitblu! The long green chili was added at the end stage just to provide a distinct aroma to the dish. If you want it spicy though, I suggest putting the chili (cut in 2 or 3 parts) early on while cooking. You can also cook with more ginger to make the soup really "hot" and "spicy". :)

  2. Ang hilig nyo po talaga sa spinach. Hehe. Yung balatong (munggo) na may dahon ng ampalaya pa lang nakakain ko :)

    1. Hi monmon,

      Try this one with spinach! Sarap din! :d

  3. my husband's favorite!!! mmm, let me try this recipe for him! I wonder why we saute the onion and tomatoes after all the protein.. what i usually do is after putting the garlic, it'll be followed by the onion and tomatoes and then the protein...

  4. We used to cook munggo every Friday but when my mother lives with us, we refrain from cooking since it's high in uric acid. But I love ginisang munggo and makes me crave for the dish right now. Our house help cooks munggo with ginger too. I just find it weird at first, hehe.

    Mommy Maye


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