Cooking Ginatang Isda with a Curry Twist

Cooking ginatang isda (or ginataang isda) is a very quick fish recipe. It may be done by stewing fish in coconut milk, spices and vinegar (or other sour ingredients). In this recipe however, I'll show you a nice twist in spicing up this ginatan dish.

Read on to get my very own ginatang isda recipe.

If you have curry powder lying around in the kitchen, get them ready for this exciting fish recipe. It's time we add some spice and color into this dish. Curry will make the fish sauce creamy and more aromatic. It's a refreshing twist to our traditional ginatan.

Ingredients in cooking ginatang isda with curry:
- fish, rubbed with salt

I am often using tanigue fish (spanish mackerel) in making this dish. You can also use other types, depending on what's available in your fridge.

- dried kamias or bilimbi, washed

Cooking Ginatang Isda with a Curry Twist

- garlic, crushed and chopped
- onions, chopped
- ginger, crushed and chopped
Ginger counters the "fishy-ness" or stench of the fish. It also gives a strong flavor to this dish. If you want a powerful ginataang isda, I suggest being generous with ginger.
- cayenne chili or siling labuyo, cut
- whole pepper corns

Cooking Ginatang Isda with a Curry Twist

- coconut milk
- curry powder

Cooking Ginatang Isda with a Curry Twist

- vinegar
The main sour recipe for this dish is the dried kamias. The vinegar however, will serve as our secondary sour ingredient, in case you want a more tangy soup or fish sauce.

- salt
- yard long beans (sitaw), cut at desired lengths

Cooking Ginatang Isda with a Curry Twist

- eggplants, cut at desired lengths and size (optional)

Let's start cooking ginatang isda with curry:
1. Put the following ingredients into one deep cooking pan:

  • coconut milk
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • onions
  • dried kamias
  • chili
  • salted fish
  • a little salt, to taste

2. Put the pan under low-medium heat.
3. Allow the dish to boil.
4. Add the vegetables.

Cooking Ginatang Isda with a Curry Twist

5. When the fish is cooked; and the coconut becomes creamy, taste the dish for sourness. Assess if you need to add vinegar or dried kamias.
6. Add half a teaspoon of curry. Add more, according to your palate and preference.
7. Serve while hot.

Cooking Ginatang Isda with a Curry Twist

Ginataang isda can last in the fridge for several days. And as with many Filipino dishes, it tastes better and stronger by the day.


  1. Fish and Curry is two of my favorite things. I'd love to try out this recipe. :)

  2. Hirap humanap dito ng dried kamias. Dati may tanim kami kaya yung tita ko nagapatuyo sya madalas ng kamias.

  3. wow.... anything about isda gusto ko ... bet ko to tlga ... wala bang libreng tikim?

  4. interesting dish. i want to try it but substituting the fish with tofu for a vegetarian dish.

  5. twist indeed! i usually cook this with crab or tofu. dried fish seems to a be good alternative as well


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