Making Fish Wonton (Dumplings)

Have you tried my pork wonton recipe? How about we make fish wonton this time.

Making Fish Wonton

Making Fish Wonton

Read on to get my personal fish wonton recipe. Let's cook!

Cooking or making fish wonton is very similar with its pork variant. I do this dish however, when I have fish left-overs (fried fish or steamed) at home. I don't like throwing out foods so I make a new dish from old ones. If you're like me, this fish wonton recipe may come in handy to you, as well.

Ingredients in making fish wonton:
- garlic, chopped
- onions, chopped

Making Fish Wonton

- beans, minced

Making Fish Wonton

- carrots, diced or cut thinly

Making Fish Wonton

- cabbage, cut thinly

Making Fish Wonton

- Chinese celery, chopped

Making Fish Wonton

- left-over fish, minced into bits

Making Fish Wonton

- shrimps, diced (optional)
- Shiitake mushrooms, chopped or cut thinly (optional)

Making Fish Wonton

- fish sauce
- soy sauce
- salt and pepper
- pickle relish

Making Fish Wonton

- whole egg or egg whites
- cornstarch
- wonton skin
- water

Let's start making fish wonton.
1. Mix the following in a deep bowl.
  • garlic
  • onions
  • beans
  • carrots
  • cabbage
  • Chinese celery
  • fish
  • mushroom
  • egg or egg whites only
  • cornstarch
Making Fish Wonton

2. Mix well.
3. Season the mixture with the following:
  • fish sauce
  • a bit of soy sauce
  • pickle relish
  • salt and pepper
Making Fish Wonton

4. Taste the mixture if it's according to your palate.

5. To make the wonton, follow the guidelines below.
a. Place a small chunk of fish wonton mix at the center of the wonton skin.

Making Fish Wonton

b. Fold 2 opposite sides towards the center. Seal with water.

Making Fish Wonton

c. Do the same for the other opposite sides.

Making Fish Wonton

d. Repeat until all the mix are wrapped.

6. Fry or steam the fish wonton as desired. You can put the fish wonton pieces in the fridge for future meals.


Remember me when you cook.


  1. FISH WONTON, yummy and very nutritious. I will try to cook this coming Sunday sis. Masarap eto kasi may pickle relish.

    1. Sis na 'try ko na...niluto ko kagabi..My parents love it kasi di sila m'HB. ^_^..sobrang sarap talaga...

  2. I really envy people who know how to cook. I only eat the food they cook :)

  3. i have to try this! is the wrapper the same when making raviolli?

  4. Now this is one great way to jazz up some leftovers or to get kids to eat healthy food.

  5. Which wrapper did you use sis? I love this whhen I'm in a restaurants. Butt not sure if I can do this on my own. And by the way, you didn't post the finished product... hehe

  6. Same here,my mom and I do not like throwing away food because it is like throwing money. So for meat left overs we usually make it into another great recipe like you did.

  7. Good thing there is a wonton wrapper here ,i can make this recipe, hubby's favorite

  8. I love making wonton soup. this is a new version coz it's in squares. would love to try this.

  9. Thanks for the food tip and for the recipe. I really wish I can invite you to post one of your Filipino food inspired recipe at my food blog.

  10. Hope you can include a picture of the cooked / finished dish next time, this looks promising would love to try it soon!


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