Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

You don't have to go to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy a Pork Hototay soup. You can easily make this dish at home. Let me show you how.

Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

Read on to get the recipe for a Pork Hototay soup.

Pork hototay is a soup dish that is very common in Chinese restaurants in the Philippines. It's a steamy mixture of pork, pork liver, vegetables, spices  - and an egg (if desired) which is added last, after the soup has cooked and is ready to be served. Pork hototay goes very well with spring rolls or any kind of fried dish.

I needed to learn how to cook this dish, since the hubby and I cannot just order it here in Bangkok. So for this post, let me share with you my own recipe of pork hototay soup - without artificial flavors, no MSG required. We'll be using fresh ingredients and the basic seasonings found in your kitchen.

Ingredients in cooking pork hototay soup:
- cooking oil
- pork tenderloin, cut into strips
- pork liver, cut thinly

Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

- garlic, chopped
- onions, cut into strips
- green onions, chopped

Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

- Chinese cabbage, cut
- Shiitake mushrooms, optional but preferred (It adds flavor to the dish)
- carrots, julienne-d

Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

- eggs, optional
- fish sauce
- pepper
- hot water
- pork broth (can be bought from the store)
- oyster sauce or mushroom sauce

Steps in cooking pork hototay soup:
1. Pour cooking oil in a very hot pan.
2. Saute' the garlic together with the pork. Stir well.
3. When the pork is cooked, season with fish sauce and pepper.
4. Add the onions.

Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

4. When the onions are tender, add the carrots and the mushrooms. Stir well.

Cooking Pork Soup a la HototayCooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

5. Add in the pork liver. Stir well.

Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

6. Add the hot water, pork broth and let it boil.
7. Season with oyster or mushroom sauce, fish sauce and pepper.
8. Let it boil under low-medium heat to tenderize the pork.
9. Add the Chinese cabbage and spring onions when you are ready to serve.

Cooking Pork Soup a la Hototay

10. Add egg after turning the heat off. Stir well.

Not too complicated, isn't it? If you're looking for another simple and easy soup dish, try this chicken soup recipe. It's low-fat with no artificial ingredients, too.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. Ang nanay ko pag gumawa nyan nilalagyan nya ng lamang loob. Naku nalimutan ko ano tawag dun. YUng nilalagay din sa kare kare. Nalimutan ko na anong tawag sa part na yun. hehehe!

  2. You seem to have an endless list of recipes and here's another one of your wonderful recipe and it does look nice to eat and less costly compared to going to a chinese restaurant.

  3. I wonder if I can make a liver-free version... I'm not fond of liver.

  4. Oh wow! That dish looks really delicious! I'll try to do his at home soon ..


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