Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

Mung bean vermicelli soup is a pre-packed soup of dehydrated seaweeds, mushrooms and vermicelli. (Vermicelli is bihon is Tagalog, by the way.) Personally, I didn't find it appealing whenever I see them in supermarkets. It's not until recently that I finally learned to appreciate how smart and healthy this pack really is.

Cooking Mung Vermicelli SoupCooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

Read on and find out more about this ingenious package.

If you like instant noodles, you may probably like mung bean vermicelli soup, as well. It's a simple home-cooking recipe that is just easy to prepare. You can do a (seemingly) authentic Asian soup with this pack -  in a few minutes just like any instant noodles - only this one's healthier.

Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

Ingredients in cooking mung bean vermicelli soup:
- garlic, chopped
- onions, cut

Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

- vegetables (e.g. broccoli and carrots)
- shrimps, pork or chicken (optional)
- fish sauce
- pepper
- cooking oil
- hot water

Let's start cooking mung vermicelli soup:
1. Soak the vermicelli and dried vegetables in water, separately .

Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

2. Saute' garlic in a very hot pan.
3. Add the shrimps or chicken if you're using any.
4. Add the onions. Stir well.
5. Add the vegetables. I used broccoli and carrots for this dish.

Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

6. Season with fish sauce and pepper.
7. Add hot water.

Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

8. Let the soup boil.
9. Add the soaked vegetables and vermicelli last.
10. Let it simmer until you smell its aromatic flavor.
11. Season further with fish sauce and pepper, as desired.
12. Enjoy with a fried dish and a hot steaming rice.

Cooking Mung Vermicelli Soup

Notice that we didn't use any artificial seasoning or flavors? I told you it's healthy!

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  1. thank you for the step by step photo. It makes the recipe easier to follow. perfect for the cold coming days

  2. Cooking with vermicelli is fun plus it adds volume to the dish.

  3. ansarap naman po nyan ... ^___^


  4. That is one good looking soup! I bet it tasted awesome too. My wife wants to cook vegetable soup for breakfast tomorrow and yours is truly a winner :)

  5. Yum! Perfect with tilapia or galunggong! :)

  6. Looks really yummy. Whenever I pass by your blog i can't help but get hungry talaga.

    Mommy Maye2


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