Cooking Pork Adobo Ginisa-style

Cooking pork adobo may be done in several ways. Some like their adobo dry; others, saucy. In this post however, I'll share with you how to cook pork adobo, ginisa-style. It's the one in the middle - not too dry, not so much sauce, either.

Cooking Pork Adobo Ginisa-style

Read on for the detailed recipe.

First of all, adobo is a dish common to every Filipino household. It's pork or chicken or both, seasoned in vinegar, soy sauce and spices. Because of these basic ingredients, adobo does not easily spoil. It can be stored in the fridge over a long period of time. More so, the longer it is kept, the stronger the flavors become. Ready for the recipe? Here we go.

Ingredients in cooking pork adobo ginisa-style:
- pork tenderloin, cut in small pieces
- garlic, crushed and chopped
- onions, cut
- whole peppercorns
- dried laurel or bay leaves (optional)

Cooking Pork Adobo Ginisa-style

- soy sauce
- vinegar

Cooking Pork Adobo Ginisa-style

- cooking oil

Steps in cooking pork adobo ginisa-style:
1. Heat the pan under high heat.
2. Put cooking oil when the pan is very hot.
3. Saute' the garlic in oil. Stir well.
4. When the garlic turns golden, put the onions into the pan. Stir well.
5. Lower the heat to medium.
6. Add in the pork.

Cooking Pork Adobo Ginisa-style

7. Allow the pork to cook under medium heat.
8. Season the pork with soy sauce and vinegar at equal parts.
9. Put the heat to low.
10. Cover the pan and allow it to simmer.

Pork adobo may be done in so many ways. This one here has less cholesterol since I used pork tenderloin. If you like pork fats though (super yum, but dangerous for the heart), then I suggest you use pork butt. You can also add margarine into this recipe to add more flavor. Again, this would result to added fats, trans fats in this case.

12. Put in the laurel leaves last. It adds aroma into the dish.
13. Make your last adjustments to the vinegar and soy sauce before removing the dish from the pan.

Cooking Pork Adobo Ginisa-style

14. Serve with rice while hot.

Cooking Pork Adobo Ginisa-style

Easy right? You may also like my pork tapa (pork jerky) recipe. It uses the exact ingredients as this pork adobo.

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  1. pwede bang makikain na lang??? hahahaha...
    Sana sipagin ako uli magluto and will surely try your dishes. Being alone as an OFW, matyatyaga talaga ako sa kung ano meron mabili... :D

  2. This is something new to us in cooking the adobo... We'll try it on weekends :)

  3. I like pork adobo too as its very much a pinoy food and taste real good.

  4. I prefer your style, not so saucy yet deliciously looking adobo.


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