Cooking Asparagus and Spinach

Cooking asparagus and spinach is the perfect combination for a power-packed meal. Kids and the grown ups would enjoy this tasty dish.

You simply must try it!

Cooking Asparagus and Spinach

Read on for the detailed recipe.

As if not "healthy" enough, I added broccoli into the mix in cooking asparagus and spinach. This meal is  good for the cook, too as it only takes some 10-15 minutes into cook this meal, including prep time.

Are you ready? Here's how it is done.

Ingredients in cooking asparagus and spinach:

Cooking Asparagus and Spinach

- asparagus, cut in desired lengths
- spinach, washed

Cooking Asparagus and Spinach

- broccoli florets
- garlic, crushed and chopped
- fresh chili, chopped (optional)

Cooking Asparagus and Spinach

- cooking oil
- fish sauce
- oyster sauce
- pepper
- Chinese cooking wine (optional)
- hot water

Let's start cooking asparagus and spinach.
1. Put cooking oil in a very hot pan
2. Saute' the garlic.
3. When the garlic turns golden, put the asparagus first.

If you want your vegetables to be crisp, make sure that the pan is in high heat. You don't want to expose your vegetables too long under fire.

4. Add in the broccoli. Stir well.
5. Lower the heat to medium.
6. Add a little water into the pan to avoid drying up.
7. Add in the spinach. Stir well.
8. Season the dish with fish sauce, oyster sauce and pepper.
9. Add a bit of Chinese cooking wine.
10. When the done, remove the vegetables from the pan to avoid over cooking.

Cooking Asparagus and Spinach

There you have it - a simple dish from my home to yours. This dish goes very well with a garlic pork with coriander dish, an authentic Thai recipe.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. Love ko yan! Super healthy talaga!

  2. I'll try this at home! I've always wondered kung san pwede ilagay ang asparagus...haha. I always see it in the grocery but never had the chance to buy one. :p

  3. A-ha! I've got a nephew who's very finicky when it comes to greens. I'll try this one, maybe he will like it! :D Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, the pictures make vegetables so yummy! I should share this recipe to my mom ;)


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