Cooking Pasta with Basil and Dill

In cooking pasta, you can  never go wrong with cherry tomatoes and olive oil! They're simply the best duo. You have to try them!

Cooking pasta with basil and dill is an extension of the cherry tomato-olive oil tandem. In fact, you can play with different herbs and spices; vegetables and proteins with cherry tomatoes and olive oil base. They work wonders for a pasta recipe.

More so, olive oil is a healthy oil, with lots of omega-3 fatty acids. It's good for your cardio-vascular health. And like many of my recipes, we won't be using much of artificial flavors or MSG here so cooking pasta with basil and dill will be a very healthy meal for your family.

Let's begin!

Ingredients in cooking pasta with basil and dill:
- pasta
- olive oil
- cherry tomatoes, cut in halves

Cooking Pasta with Basil and Dill

- dill (I used dill tips that I bought from the grocer's)
- basil powder (also bought from the grocer's)

Cooking Pasta with Basil and Dill

- generous amount of garlic, crushed
- red bell peppers, cut in strips
- shiitake mushrooms, cut in strips
- red chili, chopped

Cooking Pasta with Basil and Dill

- chicken breasts, cut in strips
- dried paprika
- fish sauce
- powdered pepper
- hot water

Let's start cooking pasta with basil and dill.
1. Cook the pasta.
2. When done, set aside the pasta for later.
3. Put olive oil in a very hot pan.
4. Saute' a portion of the garlic.
5. Put the chicken when the garlic turns golden. Stir well. 
6. When cooked, set the chicken aside.
7. Season the chicken with dill, fish sauce and pepper as it sits.

Cooking Pasta with Basil and Dill

8. Using the same pan, add some more olive oil.
9. Saute' the rest of the garlic with the dried paprika.
10. Add the tomatoes with the garlic turns golden. Mix well.
11. When the tomatoes release their juices, add back the flavored chicken. Mix well.

Cooking Pasta with Basil and Dill

12. Lower the heat.
13. Add water to prevent the pan from drying when we add the pasta later.
If you don't want a very spicy dish, you may remove the paprika before adding the water.
14. Season with basil powder; enough to leave its flavor into the dish.
15. Season with fish sauce and pepper.
16. Add the pasta into the dish. Mix well.
17. Add basil and dill, as you deem necessary.
18. Serve with a cold beverage.

Cooking Pasta with Basil and Dill

Pasta with basil and dill is an absolute delight. It's a very satisfying snack or meal; and highly nutritious at that, too.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. yey!!!! love pasta... and it's versatility... yummy!!!

  2. A healthy pasta. That's a good combination.

  3. Wow that looks sooo yummy! I like using penne. I definitely must try using cherry tomatoes and olive oil. Yes, it's a shame I don't have them in my kitchen.

  4. this made me hungry, i'm a pasta lover but not spicy ones, so the paprika will not be included... :D

  5. Looks delicious! I think I should add dill on my herb garden. =) I love cooking pasta, too. And I think that's the only dish I love to cook.

  6. Yummy, especially the tomatoes...wew... I love pasta...

  7. Oh yum! That looks really healthy!

  8. cherry tomato ,basil, oregano and other spices and herb are the best for pasta.

  9. it looks so yummy! iveb den cooking the traditional italia pasta for years now since my family loves the great taste too! xx

  10. Wow! Nice one. Will try to do this too. :-) And yes, i will remember you when I cook this. hihi

  11. Pasta is always a hit with my family, should try this one for a change.

  12. This is a great recipe. For sure my family would love this if I'll cook.

  13. I'd love to try this!!! Because of kids, we always have sweet - Jollibee style spag at home! hehe

  14. I have a new and simple pasta recipe again. Thanks

  15. Pasta PERFECT!
    Even like a PRO...
    the dish looks a master piece.
    Keep on cooking! Way to go SIS!

  16. looks good, especially after i pick out all the meat. then it becomes a veggie delight...


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