Cooking Chicken Macaroni Soup

Chicken macaroni soup has become a "regular" in our home. It's an easy recipe; and very filling to the tummy. It's especially good when the weather is cold and chilly.

Cooking Chicken Macaroni Soup

Come and take a look at how I'm making this home-cooking for my family.

My husband loves chicken macaroni soup. When he's not feeling well, he always tells me to cook him this dish. Soon, it wasn't only when he's down that I'm making this dish for him. I have come to cook chicken macaroni soup well enough, that it has become one of our regular meals at home.

Chicken macaroni soup

Here's how I'm cooking chicken macaroni soup. I'm sure you're kids and loved ones will enjoy it, as well as we do.

Ingredients in cooking chicken macaroni soup:
- chicken breast, cut in strips

Chicken macaroni soup

- chicken liver, cut
- elbow macaroni
- water
- carrots, julienne-d
- onions, chopped
- garlic, crushed
- Chinese cabbage
- mushrooms, cut
- full-cream milk (I'm using Carnation evap milk)
- cooking oil
- chicken broth cube (optional)
- fish sauce
- dill tips
- salt and ground pepper, to taste

Let's begin cooking chicken macaroni soup like a pro! (not really, no!)
1. Saute' the chicken breast in garlic. The chicken will soon release some of its saturated fats.
2. When the chicken is cooked, set aside.
3. Season the chicken with fish sauce, pepper and dill tips as it sits and while it's hot.

Chicken macaroni soup with dill

4. Using the same pan, saute' the rest of the garlic.
5. Saute' the chicken liver with garlic.
6. Add in the onions. Stir well.
7. Add in the carrots. Stir well.
8. Add in the seasoned chicken. Stir well.

Chicken macaroni soup

9. Add in the hot.
10. Put in the chicken broth cubes now, if you prefer to use them. It adds flavor to the dish; but keep in mind that it also contains trans fats.
11. Put in the elbow macaroni and mushrooms into the mix.
12. The stove should be at med-high to cook the macaroni without making it soggy. Stir occasionally.
13. When the macaroni is cooked, season the soup with fish sauce and pepper as desired.
14. When ready to serve and the Chinese cabbage and milk.

Chicken macaroni soup

15. Allow the dish to simmer.
16. Serve hot.

Here's a simple Garlic Pork recipe which should go well with this chicken macaroni soup. Remember that you determine the creaminess of your soup. If you want a no-cream chicken soup however, try this Chicken Soup recipe, instead. It's got strong delicious herbs which is also good for one with colds and flu.


  1. Wow, this recipe is really good and tasty. I hope to taste this. lol

  2. oh, this is an all time favorite soup at home too, i must add however that you take very good pictures that you are making me so hungry.

  3. I just made beef sopas. And it was pretty good for my first time. Too bad we didn't have vegetables though. :)

  4. This is one of our faves when its raining hard here ;)

  5. My friend Dave cooks really good macaroni soup, this is good during rainy seasons just like these days and your photos made me asked Dave to cook macaroni soup tomorrow =)

  6. parang ang sarap ng sopas na ito. i love sopas lalo na when its raining. btw thanks for reminding me the thread, minsan na-o-overlook ko :)

    The Bargain Doll

  7. This recipe looks easy and Good ! I shall Try this !


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