Cooking Baby Corn and Asparagus

To those who love vegetables, this post is for you. For those who are looking for a low calorie meal, consider this yours, as well. For this post, I'm cooking baby corn and asparagus!

Cooking Baby Corn and Asparagus

Read on to get the steps and recipe for this dish.

This dish is going to be all green. Unlike my colorful mixed vegetables stir-fry recipe or the one with shrimps and vegetables, the ingredients for this recipe is mostly green veggies. Here's what I mean.

Ingredients in cooking baby corn and asparagus:
- garlic, crushed
- coriander, chopped
- asparagus, cut at desirable lengths
- baby corn, julienne-d

Cooking Baby Corn and Asparagus

- amaranth, washed

Cooking Baby Corn and Asparagus

- shrimps, de-veined and cut
- cooking oil
- fish sauce and pepper
- oyster sauce
- hot water

Steps in cooking baby corn and asparagus.
1. Saute' garlic in a very hot pan with oil.
2. Stir-fry the asparagus with garlic.
3. Add in the baby corn. Mix well.
4. Add in the shrimps. Mix well.

Cooking Baby Corn and Asparagus

5. Add in the amaranth and coriander when the shrimp cooks.

Cooking Baby Corn and Asparagus

6. Add hot water.
7. When the amaranth is cooked, season the dish with oyster sauce, fish sauce and pepper.

Cooking Baby Corn and Asparagus

8. Transfer the dish to a plate to avoid over-cooking the vegetables.
9. Serve while hot.

This dish will go well with a fried dish, like lumpiang shanghai for instance. There you go! Another easy home-cooking recipe that your family might enjoy.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. I love veggies! Ganito dapat ang mga kinakain pag nag da-diet. hehe!

  2. wow i both love asparagus and baby corns definitely another very recipe to serve to my family! xx

  3. I'm a bit picky with veggies, but baby corn and asparagus are some of my favorites :) Would definitely try this recipe especially because its easy to prepare :)

  4. How come you guys are so good making recipes. I don't know it myself. Congrats for this another reciped :)

  5. This is great! Love asparagus and baby corn. Thanks for this.

  6. wow this is another vegetable recipe that I look forward to eat here in our house.. thanks for this one rizza!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this. I love asparagus and baby corn. Gonna make some of this for lunch tomorrow. I'm not sure how widely available amaranth is in my area, but since it kinda reminds me of baby spinach leaves, I was wondering if I could substitute that?

  8. for a full richer taste I would use butter to saute my veggies or alternatively to heighten the smell of my dishes I would put some sesame oil after I removed it from the heat.

  9. You should do a cookbook (seriously) with all the recipes you've made already. ^_^


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