Cooking Chinese Long Beans

Cooking Chinese long beans, particularly this one is very elementary. If you're into shrimps too, you'll love this dish all the more.

Cooking Chinese Long Beans

Read on to get your Chinese long beans recipe.

Chinese long beans is known for so many names - yardlong beans, long beans and asparagus beans. This kind of vegetable needs longer cooking time, compared to the green leafy vegetables which go very well together with it. That's why you should start cooking long beans first before putting the leafy green ones in.

I'm saying this because we're using amaranth leave in this long beans recipe. They go very well together. So, let's cook!

Ingredients in cooking Chinese long beans:
- garlic, crushed
- tomatoes, chopped

Cooking Chinese Long Beans

- Chinese long beans, cut in desirable lengths
- amaranth leaves, de-stemmed
- shrimps, de-veined and cut in healves
- fish sauce
- red chili, chopped (optional)
- ground pepper
- hot water

Steps in cooking Chinese long beans:
1. Saute' the garlic in hot oil.
2. Add in the tomatoes when the garlic turns golden.
3. Crush the tomatoes until they release its juice. (Similar to what we did in cooking chayote.)
4. Maintain a high heat.
5. Add the Chinese long beans.
6. Stir until it turns to a vibrant green.
7. Add the shrimps.
8. When the shrimp turns orange, add some water.
9. Put the heat to med-low.
10. Add the amaranth leaves.

Cooking Chinese Long Beans

11. Mix well until the amaranth is cooked.
12. Add the chili.
13. Season with fish sauce and ground pepper.
14. Serve while hot.

Cooking Chinese Long Beans

Do not cover the pan if you're not yet to serving this dish. Allow it to cool on the pan, off the stove.

Enjoy this Chinese long beans recipe.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. San ka bumibili ng amaranth leaves?

    1. Hi @anney! Amaranth leaves are available in wet markets and grocery stores here in Bangkok.

  2. Looks good! Are Chinese long beans the same as string beans? Looks the same :D If it is then string beans are my favorite! hahaha This dish is made even better by the shrimps because I love shrimps too ;D

  3. I was about to ask where you buy Amaranth leaves, good thing I read the comments.

    Very timely now that I'm trying to eat healthier. Emphasis on 'trying'. :))
    Looks like this dish is packed with flavors considering all the ingredients in the recipe. I guess to cook this here in the PH, I need to find some alternatives that are more readily available.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Spinach are the closest substitute I know. The texture is the same; and the taste is quite close, as well.


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