Cooking Amaranth Leaves with Shrimps

Today, I'm cooking amaranth leaves with shrimps. To those who are not familiar with amaranth leaves, they look very much like the spinach.

Cooking Amaranth Leaves with Shrimps

Amaranth leaves are good for kids because this vegetable is highly nutritious. It contains loads of proteins, irons, potassium and zinc. It is low on calories, with no cholesterol content; so if you're watching your figure, amaranth should work for you, too.

Cooking amaranth leaves with shrimps is an easy recipe. It's a stir-fry dish that requires basic ingredients. Here is what you need:

Ingredients in cooking amaranth leaves with shrimps:
- amaranth leaves, de-stemmed and thoroughly washed
- shrimps, de-veined and cut in halves
- garlic, crushed
- tomatoes, cut
- yardlong beans, cut in desirable sizes
- powdered pepper
- fish sauce
- oyster sauce
- cooking oil
- hot water
- chili, cut or diced (optional)

Let's start cooking amaranth leaves with shrimps.
1. Pour cooking oil in a hot pan.
2. Saute' the garlic until golden.

Cooking Amaranth Leaves with Shrimps

3. Add in the tomatoes.
4. Put in the yardlong beans. Stir until the color of the beans change to a vibrant green.

Cooking Amaranth Leaves with Shrimps

5. Add in the shrimps.
6. Add in the amaranth leaves. Stir well. Wait for them to lose dry texture.

Amaranth Recipe

7. Add some hot water so the leaves can be mixed easily with the dish.
8. Season with fish sauce, a bit of oyster sauce and pepper.
9. Stir well until cooked.

If you want a spicy dish, add the chili at this point. However, if you want a spicier dish, add them with the garlic in Step 2 above.
10. Remove from pan until serving time.

The vegetables and shrimps cook very easily under heat. Leaving them in the pan may over-cook your dish. If you have to leave the dish on the pan, place the pan on a cool surface and do not cover.
Cooking Amaranth Leaves with Shrimps

11. Serve with hot rice.

This amaranth dish is very easy to do. You can replace the shrimps with chicken or pork, depending on your preference.

Remember me when you cook!!


  1. Another yummy recipe with aramanth leaves! Uy akala ko nasa Pinas ka, Bangkok pala. hehehe! Kaya pala karamihan ng recipe mo may sili.hihihi! Mahilig talaga ako sa maanghang. Pag nagpatis ako dapat may sili.

  2. first time to learn about aramanth leaves.. if it's like spinach, i should love it! :) btw, the dish looks really delicious! :)

  3. Do we have aramanth here kaya? I want to tey that recipe, I love veggies!
    Love how you cooked it, the veggies still looked crunchy, i don't like soggy veggies eh..eww!

  4. And aramanth in Filipino is? Haha

    Nice food, healthy living tayo!

  5. Looks delicious and very detailed instructions in cooking it.

  6. wow...this looks really yummy... another recipe to remember and give yaya to :D

  7. looks delish. sana magaling din ako magluto. The joy of cooking is to be able to produce food that moves everyone. Sometimes it’s not even that bad, but doesn’t nearly live up to the expectations you had for it. Penge ng recipe ha.. +-0

  8. Looks like a really delicious dish. And the instructions are clearly presented!

  9. I'm not a cook and I'm not quite familiar with amaranth leaves. Now, I've got an idea. Nice recipe by the way!

  10. Thanks for introducing amaranth leaves to me. hehe. Might try this recipe some time :)

  11. This is so interesting. I really enjoy reading your recipe posts. :)

  12. okay, I want to eat this (our cook will cook it...heheh) but what is amaranth in the local language?

  13. I wish I could cook. I see a lot of recipes online, like in your blog. :(

  14. The best feeling after cooking the food? When everyone appreciates your food. Nomnomnom

  15. I love shrimps so I think, I'd be trying to cook this at home one of these days. I am just curious if there can be a substitute for the amaranth leaves?

  16. I love you recipes talaga.. THey are all healthy foods.. Love this one.

  17. This really looks good, with the vegetables on it. Will try this if time permits.

  18. another BOOKMARKED. You never say no really to read such an article. I really love food. and my MOM should read this. :)

  19. wish i could cook too, maybe try a little bit. ha ha

  20. What is amaranth in Filipino? Looks yummy! I love shrimp :D

  21. Amaranth in Filipino is kangkong. Isn't it? No idea. I want to have a good try of eating Amaranth with shrimps in hot spicy!

    1. No, sir. Kangkong is morning glory. Amaranth is kulitis in Tagalog.

  22. I'll definitely try this within the week.. I'm sure my folks would love this! ;) Thanks for sharing such a healthy yet sumptuous recipe.

  23. looks yummy and really healthy too!

  24. It looks like it's so easy to cook this recipe
    but I'm afraid my kids won't like because
    they only eat vegies in sinigang and nilaga
    dishes... yung bang masabaw. But I definitely
    want to taste this amaranth leaves with shrimps.


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