Cooking Sinigang na Isda

Cooking sinigang na isda (tangy fish stew) is different from cooking its pork and beef counterparts. Fish cooks easily under heat so you'll be saving a lot on time in making this recipe.

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

Read on to get my sinigang na isda recipe.

I've been cooking pork sinigang at home plenty of times. It's one of the regular dishes served on our dinner table. In fact, I can make a delectable pork sinigang recipe even while half-sleep. Cooking sinigang na isda, however; I haven't tried just yet. It seems to be a delicate dish that I would prefer having it cooked by a seasoned "chef" rather than a "not really pro" as myself.

I figured I had to start cooking sinigang na isda on my own, if I am to serve a different fish dish to my family, namely my dear hubby. And so, this post arise... Let's start cooking sinigang na isda!

Ingredients in cooking sinigang na isda:
- fish for stewing (Lapu-lapu or grouper fish is best for a sinigang dish because of its texture. You may also use bangus or milkfish or any fish that's available in your market.)

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

- garlic, crushed
- onions, chopped

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

- fresh tomatoes, chopped
- morning glory, cut in desirable size
- yardlong beans, cut in desirable size

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

- okra, cut in halves
- green jalapeno chili, top cut off
- hot water
- cooking oil
- Knorr sinigang na isda mix (optional)

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

- fish sauce
- lime, as needed

Steps in cooking sinigang na isda:
1. Rub the fish with salt; then set aside.
2. Saute' the garlic and onions in a deep pan.
3. Add the tomatoes.

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

4. Mix well.
5. Lower the heat.
6. Crush the tomatoes until it release its juices.
7. Add hot water. The level of the water should be just enough to cover your fish. Don't put too much water to keep the flavors of the spices intact.
8. Increase the heat to med-low.
9. Add the green chili into the bowl.
10. Season the soup mixture with fish sauce and lime, as desired.

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

A sinigang dish has a tangy, salty flavor. You want to balance both in cooking this dish. Knorr sinigang sa isda mix may be used to achieve the right combination of flavors, if you don't have tamarind, lime or dried bilimbi fruit at your disposal.

11. When the water starts boiling, add in the fish.
12. When cooked add the vegetables.

The fish is cooked when its eyeballs pop outside the surface of its face.

13. If you're using sinigang mix, wait until the vegetables are cooked before pouring the mix in. If you follow the instruction at the back of the mix, you'll be rendering your vegetables tough and chewy.

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

14. Season with fish sauce.
15. Serve hot with steamed rice. Cooking brown rice is the healthier option, in this case.

Cooking Sinigang na Isda

Enjoy this sinigang dish.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. Yan ang ulam namin kanina kaya lang bangus yung isda!

  2. yummy, kakamiss the sinigang na lapu lapu.wala ditong lapu lapu sa palce k at mga gulay, sad.

  3. I cooked pork sinigang naman last weekend. Weather's perfect for soupy dishes. :)


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