Cooking Amaranth Leaves

Have you tried cooking amaranth leaves? I had and I didn't even know it.

Cooking Amaranth Leaves

Read on and start cooking amaranth leaves in your homes.

For me at least, amaranth leaves and spinach look very much alike; with the exception of  their white- and red-colored soft stems. Cooking amaranth leaves is quite similar in cooking spinach, too. Both seem to be delicate leaf vegetables; however, they are both with tough texture and with strong flavors.

Cooking Amaranth Leaves

In cooking amaranth leaves, I detach the leaves off their stems. While the stems are soft and easy to cook as well, I don't really care their taste.

Let's begin cooking amaranth leaves.

Ingredients in cooking amaranth leaves:
- cooking oil
- amaranth leaves, de-stemmed and washed
- garlic, crushed
- 1 whole tomato, chopped
- chicken liver, cut
- 2 pieces of fresh red chili, chopped

Cooking Amaranth Leaves

- hot water
- fish sauce
- oyster sauce
- pepper

Steps in cooking amaranth leaves:
1. Pour cooking oil in a hot pan.
2. Saute' a portion of the garlic.
3. Add the chicken liver. (They go well with vegetables.)
4. Mix well until cooked. Set aside.
5. Season the liver with fish sauce and pepper while it cools off.
6. Saute' the rest of the garlic using the same pan.

7. Add in the tomato.
8. Mix well until the tomato releases its juice.
9. Add in the seasoned liver.

Cooking Amaranth Leaves

10. Add the amaranth leaves.
11. Add some water to allow the vegetables to cook faster.
12. When the leaves can be stirred with the rest of the ingredients, season the dish with a little oyster sauce. 13. Add fish sauce, according to your preference.
14. Add the chili peppers. Stir well.
15. Serve while hot.

Cooking Amaranth Leaves

For leafy vegetables like the amaranth, you wouldn't want to cover it with a pan while waiting for serving time. If you're not ready to serve, take the pan off the stove and let it sit on a cool place until its time to eat. This will prevent the leaves to be over-cooked and lose their vibrant green colors.

I hope you enjoy this dish.

Remember me when you cook.


  1. That was an informative read! Amaranth leaves and I just officially met today..thanks to you! =)

  2. YAY!this looks so good, I'm not very sure, but I think I've tried this dish or maybe not since it does look like spinach.
    I'll try it when I find the time.
    Thanks for sharing Rizza!<3

  3. Di ko pa na try ang amaranth leaves parang wala akong nakikita sa supermarket. By the way, natawa ako dun sa last comment mo. Di ako expecting! hehehe! Nasabi ko lang naglilihi ako sa caesar salad kasi halos araw araw ko sya talaga kinakain the past week. hihi!

  4. sa tagalog what is it? it looks familiar! i really want to try this :) thanks for sharing!!! :D

    1. Uray po... We don't usually eat them in the Philippines.

  5. it looks like basil to me =) i wonder how it taste like. Ngaun ko lng narinig ung amaranth.

    1. Amaranth are considered weed in the Philippines because of their tough texture. In some countries however, amaranth are cultivated as vegetables. It's different from basil, as well sis.

  6. actually, kinakain po siya sa atin tawag sa tagalog ay Kulitis, may pula at berde na variety.


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