Cooking Pork Caldereta

Caldereta is a slow-cooking meat stew recipe. It's a popular dish in the Philippines, especially during big occasions. It's not normally cooked during just any day; since the traditional way of cooking pork caldereta takes a lot of effort.

Cooking Pork Caldereta

If you're interested however, I'd like to share with you my pork caldereta recipe that can be done in just a few steps; with several day to day ingredients.

I remember how cooking pork caldereta took hours and hours to cook back in the day. It requires a lot of ingredients to capture that distinct caldereta flavor that is so familiar during fiestas and social gatherings. Cooking pork caldereta is often done with beef and goat. For the purpose of day to day cooking though, pork meats will do just fine. Here's how I'm cooking pork caldereta at home.

Ingredients in cooking pork caldereta:
- pork tenderloin, cut in bite size
- soy sauce
- vinegar
- ground pepper
- garlic, crushed
- onions, chopped
- potatoes (optional), cut in bite size
- carrots (optional), cut in bite size
- olives (optional), cut in halves
- bell pepper, cut in strips
- chili pepper
- chicken liver, cut
- liver spread
- fish paste, to taste
- tomato sauce
- hot water

Let's start cooking pork caldereta.
1. Marinate the pork in soy sauce and vinegar mix for at least 30 minutes. (Note that this marinade is similar with our pork tapa recipe.)
2. Saute' a portion of the garlic in hot oil.
3. Fry the carrots and potatoes in the pan.

Quick tip: You can also try cooking pork caldereta without the carrots and potatoes.

4. When cooked, drain and set aside.
5. Saute' the rest of the garlic in the same pan.
6. Fry the flavored pork.

Quick tip: You can opt not to marinate the pork since we are still to season it later as we stew.

7. When the pork is cooked on both sides, add in the chicken liver.
8. Crush the chicken liver against the pork. Mix well.
9. Add hot water.
10. Add the fried potatoes, carrots, olives and bell pepper.
Quick tip: Add water when necessary to prevent the sauce from drying out.

11. Allow the mixture to boil under low to medium heat. This will allow the pork to soften; and the ingredients to blend well with each other.
12. Add the liver spread. Mix well.

Cooking Pork Caldereta
Liver spread in cooking pork caldereta

13. Add a bit of tomato sauce. Mix well.

Cooking Pork Caldereta
Add tomato sauce in cooking pork caldereta.

14. Add the chili pepper to spice up the sauce.
15. Season with fish sauce.
16. Serve hot with rice.

This spicy pork caldereta dish goes well with a freshly-brewed iced tea. And don't worry about left-overs,  pork caldereta gets tastier even after days in the fridge!

Cooking Pork Caldereta
Cooking pork caldereta at home.
Remember me when you cook.


  1. This looks good!Di ko pa na try ang pork caldereta. Lagi beef caldereta niluluto namin.

  2. too bad ,I can't find liver paste here for Caldereta.

  3. Hmmm I miss outting liver paste in my Caldereta. Hubby doesn't liek thatb kasi.

  4. Caldereta is one of the dish I love to eat.

  5. Speaking of, I haven't had Caldereta in a while! It's actually one of my fave Filipino dishes.. It's even more delicious when it's spicy!! :)

  6. wow. parang ang dali lang when you enumerate. lol. it will take a lot of convincing for me to actually cook. i'm pretty bad at it, but maybe i'll try soon!

  7. Surely my daughter will love this...She is so matakaw sa caldereta esp when it's hot and spicy... :D

  8. now i am craving for caldereta :) be cooking it this weekend but i'll be using beef instead :)

  9. THe reddish look of the food is appealing to me, the instructions were well-stated, indeed helpful, apir!

  10. This pork caldereta looks really sumptuous! Love the reds and the composition of the first photo! ;)

  11. I've always wondered about that - Why do some foods taste better after a day in the fridge? Oh, and I do prefer my caldereta with some potatoes. :)

  12. great recipe!! my husband always cook this whenever we craved for it we use slow cooker to save time hehe xx

  13. i love caldereta! definitely one of the best dishes around. definitely better since it's spicy! :D

  14. There is really a lot going on with this recipe..
    And I haven't tried cooking this dish due to as you mentioned effort that is needed.
    I'm kinda thinking twice now!

  15. cant wait to try this.

  16. I used to put milk or coconut milk in my caldereta.

  17. I'm used to eating Kalderetang Kambing. This one, bago sa akin. wish wifey can make one.


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