Cooking Lumpiang Shanghai

This is my first attempt of cooking lumpiang shanghai. I'd like to share with you how I did it.

It's a bit challenging but it's all worth it! I'm telling you, it smelled really good and tasted even better! ...Truly!!

Cooking Lumpiang Shanghai

Now, who doesn't enjoy a crisp piece of lumpiang shanghai? I bet not only kids love this fun treat; but the oldies too. Lumpiang shanghai (also known as spring rolls) is obviously a Chinese-inspired dish. It's a regular mainstay in big gatherings back home, in the Philippines. Funny how the smell of spring rolls reminds me of the fiestas, birthdays and other special occasions back when I was young-er.

Cooking lumpiang shanghai takes time to cook, though. There are a number of ingredients; and there's the nitty-gritty task of wrapping the filling to a roll. I know now why we don't have these often; or why we tend to buy them cooked rather than making them.

In this experience, I learned that in cooking lumpiang shanghai, it's good to make a lot of them in one batch. Cook what lumpiang shanghai you can eat for a meal; and freeze the rest of the rolls for another day. Makes a lot of sense when you do this recipe, I swear!

Let's begin!

Ingredients in cooking lumpiang shanghai:
- ground pork
- cornstarch
- garlic, crushed
- onions, diced
- carrots, diced
- mushrooms, diced
- cabbage, diced
- Chinese celery, diced
- egg
- ground black pepper
- ground white pepper
- salt
- soy sauce
- fish sauce
- spring roll wraps
- cooking oil

Let's start cooking lumpiang shanghai.

Preparing the fillings

Cooking Lumpiang Shanghai

1. Mix the following in a deep bowl.
  • pork
  • cornstarch
  • garlic
  • onions
  • carrots
  • mushrooms
  • cabbage
  • generous amounts of Chinese celery
  • egg
2. Stir and mix well until they are evenly distributed.
3. Season with soy sauce, fish sauce and pepper. Mix well.

Quick tip: You may need to taste the mixture to determine if you need to add salt or fish sauce into the dish.

Making the rolls

Cooking Lumpiang Shanghai

4. Get a piece of spring roll wrap and place half spoon on the center.
5. Fold both sides to enclose the meat fillings.
6. Roll the meat up until you reach the other end of the wrap.
7. To seal the wrap, moisten it with a damp of water using your fingers.
8. Set aside.
9. Do steps 4-8 until you finish all the rolls.

Cooking lumpiang shanghai rolls

Cooking Lumpiang Shanghai

10. Heat up your wok or a deep pan with cooking oil.
11.When the oil is ready, deep-fry the spring rolls by placing them one by one onto the pan.

Quick tips:  
1. Avoid placing them too close to each other so prevent sticking.  
2. Put the pan under medium heat to allow the pork to cook while not burning the wrapper. 

12. When the lumpiang shanghai turns brown or golden, remove from pan.
13. Allow them to drain. Do not place them directly unto a plate to create a crispy and not soggy roll.
14. Serve with sweet chili sauce.
15. Place the excess rolls in a dry container for freezing. (Similar to what we did in cooking pork tapa.)

Enjoy cooking lumpiang shanghai at home! Here's another spring roll recipe, Lumpiang Togue; in case you'd like to try.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. I also eat this stuff but never tried to cook, thanks for the great recipe.

  2. what would be a vegan version like?

  3. one of my all time favorites, i super love this one.

  4. I love lumpia shanghai both as a man meal or even just a pick up food.

  5. My daughter loves this as her school baon :). So do I. Yes, it just takes time to prepare, but it's worth it :)

  6. Sinong may Birthday? LOl Sis, magaling akong magluto nyan. And thanks sa ibang tips mo.


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