Cooking Tokwa (Fried Tofu)

Honestly, this post should be about cooking tokwa't baboy (Tofu and Pork) recipe. But since I had no pork ingredient at the time I cooked this dish, this'll have to do.

Still tastes good anyway, I promise!

Cooking tokwa (or tofu in English) is a bit tricky at first. It's soft texture seems so delicate that I thought I'd break it in the pan while frying them.

Cooking Tokwa (Tofu)

Alas! I learned that it feeds a lot on cooking oil and it has to be under medium to high heat while frying. If it's your first time in cooking tokwa (like me), I suggest you do the same. Since your pan would be under high heat, you have to be vigilant while cooking tokwa. Remember not to burn your tofu.

So, let's begin.

Ingredients in cooking tokwa:
- cooking oil
- tokwa (tofu), sliced to a height of an inch per piece
In cooking tokwa, it is ideal to have it deep-fried since it sucks a lot of oil while cooking. It is advisable to use vegetable or bran oil for this purpose.
- garlic, crushed
- red onions, crushed
- long green chili or capsicum, cut in rings
- sugar
- vinegar
- soy sauce

Let's start cooking tokwa:
1. Heat the pan.
2. Pour in enough cooking oil which the tofu can "bathe" unto.
3. When the oil is hot enough, place the tofu one by one. Make sure that the pan is under high heat.

Cooking Tokwa (Tofu)

You want to get a brown texture all over your tofu in cooking tokwa. When the sides are still white, they are not yet done.
4. When cooked, let the tofu drain. Then cut them in small pieces with a sharp knife.
Cooking Tokwa (Tofu)

It is done perfectly when while all the sides are golden brown, the insides remain white and soft.
5. While you are waiting for the tofu to cook, you can prepare the sauce.

  • Mix the garlic, onions and capsicum in one deep bowl.
  • Add 1:2 portions of vinegar and soy sauce into the bowl.
  • Add sugar, according to your preferred taste.
  • Adjust the flavors of the sauce according your your preference.
  • No need to cook or heat this sauce. It's fine on its own.

Cooking Tokwa (Tofu)

6. Mix the tofu and the sauce together to make a perfect snack or side dish. Yumm!!
Cooking Tokwa (Tofu)

Cooking tokwa't baboy or tofu and pork is easier with this dish. All you have to do is fry pork cuts with a bit of fat. Mix the pork with your tofu mix and it's ready to go. It also goes well with a pancit dish.

Remember me when you're cooking tokwa!


  1. Like na like! Eto lagi ang inoorder ko sa Chowking! Hehehe..

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  2. tofu is one of my absolute faves! used to devour loads when i was a struggling vegetarian. i will bookmark this recipe so that i can try it in my kitchen one of these days! ^_^

  3. I've just bookmarked this article. Tofu is not as popular here in Zamboanga but i often see it on TV. Might as well cook it myself for a try :-)

  4. the tofu dish looks good. i want to try it, but without meat. sometimes, it is also good when nuts or sunflower seeds are added for extra taste.

  5. Tofu can be really delicious once mixed with a good sauce.

  6. I'm not really a fan of tofu, but it can be one healthy food. This post of yours would really help me out if I want to cook it ;)

  7. I cooked this last night before reading your post. the tokwa stuck to the pan kainis . I will follow your tips next time I cook this

  8. wow! I was looking for some articles about tokwa, coz I really love it. I just fry it though and make it my snack. I was wondering if tokwa would still be good for the health if fried... and yeah, I think it is! :D

    thanks! :D


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