Cooking Steamed Fish with Chinese Celery

Cooking steamed fish is fast and easy to do. If you're looking for a quick, delightful dinner, try this simple home cooking recipe. It's also a healthy way to cook as opposed to frying.

Cooking Steamed Fish with Chinese Celery

I enjoy cooking steamed fish because it requires very minimal preparation. It only takes a steamer, the fish and the basic spices you have in your kitchen. For this dish, I'm using the grouper fish or what is known as "lapu lapu" in the Philippines. It's texture and flavor works well for steaming.

Ingredients in cooking steamed fish:
- lapu lapu or grouper
- salt
- pepper
- Chinese celery (kinchay, kinstay)

Cooking Steamed Fish with Chinese Celery

- garlic, crushed
- onions, crushed
- ginger, crushed
- lemon or lime
- water

You will also need aluminum foil and a steamer in cooking steamed fish.

Let's begin cooking steamed fish.
1. Cut the fish across its flesh a half an inch deep.
2. Rub the fish with salt.
3. Place the fish on the aluminum foil together with the garlic, onions, ginger, pepper and Chinese celery. Stuff the insides of the head of the fish with the same.

Quick tip: The Chinese celery will give the give a distinct aroma and taste as it steams.

4. Sprinkle lime or lemon juice on the fish.
5. Seal the fish.
6. Steam for 5-7 minutes under high heat.
7. Serve on a big plate without taking the fish off the foil. Let it swim on its fish soup.

Cooking Steamed Fish with Chinese Celery

8. Add lime or salt as necessary.

Quick tip: Fish sauce with lime is the best condiment for this dish. At least, that's what I think.

Remember me when you cook!


  1. yes, this is so yummy ,you cooked like a chef on this steamed fish with celery.

  2. Wow! Tatess was right, this is yummy! I haven't tried to cooked this kind of recipe yet but looking forward to try yours, it looks healthy as well.

  3. You always have the healthy meals. I agree fish sauce with lime would complement steamed fish.

  4. This looks so easy... I'm always hesitant to cook steamed fish coz I'm not sure which spices to add to remove the "malangsa" taste. Can you suggest other fish varieties aside from lapulapu?

  5. This was similar to my first attempt to steam a fish years ago. It was easy and it tasted good too! :)


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