Brewing Lemon Iced Tea

Summer calls for a cold refreshing drink! It's the best time for iced anything, actually. For this post, I'll be brewing lemon iced tea at home. Cool and refreshing, perfect summer treat! You with me?

Brewing Lemon Iced Tea
Brewing lemon iced tea this summer!

Brewing lemon iced tea is better than the powdered tea drink you can buy from the stores. It doesn't have artificial coloring and unnecessary additives. Brewing lemon iced tea at home is the best choice for the kids and the not so young ones.

It's easy too!

Brewing Lemon Iced Tea

Here are the ingredients in brewing lemon iced tea:
- any kind of green or black tea (bagged or loose is fine)
- lemon
- honey
- apple or pear (optional)

Brewing Lemon Iced Tea

Steps in brewing lemon iced tea:
1. Brew your tea in a deep pot. You can use Lipton, Twinings or whatever tea you have at home. I'm using Jiaogulan tea that I brought from a food fare in my place. Make sure you put enough water in there.
2. When the water boils, remove the pot from heat and allow the tea to cool.
3. Juice the apple or pear with a juicer or a blender.

Quick tip: To juice with a blender, dice the apple or pear into bits first. Then strain with a clean, thin cloth.

4. When the tea cools off, add the fruit juice.
5. Sprinkle some lemon juice into the tea.
6. Leave some thin slices of lemon with rind into the tea.
7. Sweeten the tea with honey.
8. Let it cool some more before putting into the fridge.
9. Serve cold with a home-made sandwich or cookies.

Brewing Lemon Iced Tea

Brewing lemon iced tea is another fun way to spend the summer. It's a new experience and a new taste that you'll enjoy even after the season ends!


  1. This is something new to me! Thanks for sharing sis! I love it...will definitely make my own version :).

  2. Wow! i want to try this.... Thanks for sharing... this is good for this rainy season...

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    My sister used to do stuff like this at home. But now that we're all married and live separately, I hardly even touch the Liptons in my cupboard. :)

  4. Oh wow, I haven't brewed tea, I just buy those iced tea litro packs for instant refreshment.

  5. so refreshing nman yan! bgay n bgay sa tag init. thanks for sharing! :)

  6. yeah iced tea with different flavor is really easy to do.I make my own iced tea too, sometimes brew but during summer, i do it under the sun ,just like now, it is summer in the US ,so I have tea always. i a made lemon iced tea or just made sugar syrup as sweetener.

  7. Lemon Ice tea is a definitely a great drink for summer and with your fresh recipe, it's also healthy.

  8. I will try this. I have many tea bags at home that my son used when he is having tea bath.

    Mommy Maye2

  9. Wifey will be so glad to try making this one. At least, mauubos na ang mga Lipton tea sa kitchen.


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