Making Chicken Turkey Sandwich

As much as possible, I prefer less mayonnaise in my food. While mayonnaise really tastes good, I don't welcome the calories it brings. That's why, I learned making chicken turkey sandwich without the mayo. Here's how.

Making Chicken Turkey Sandwich

I always look for a healthy way of making salads and sandwiches. I've shown you a healthy alternative in making coleslaw. Now, I'd like to share how I'm making chicken turkey sandwich without the mayo. Don't worry, it's still delicious and the kids will still love this healthy treat. I usually buy cold cuts in making this kind of sandwich. For this chicken turkey sandwich, I bought chicken breast and turkey cuts from a local grocery store near our place. If you prefer using other kinds of cold cuts for your sandwich, you may of course do so.

Ingredients in making chicken turkey sandwich:
- cold cuts
- olive oil
- salt
- pepper
- lettuce
- tomatoes, cut in rings (optional)
- cheese (optional)
- buns or loaf bread (whole grains)

Let's start making chicken turkey sandwich.
1. Brush or put a small portion of olive oil on each side of the cold cuts.
2. Season the cold cuts with salt and pepper.

Making Chicken Turkey Sandwich

3. Make a sandwich using the cold cuts, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese with your whole wheat bread.
4. Toast, if desired.
Toasting the bread will melt the cheese unto the chicken and turkey cuts. 
That's it.

Making Chicken Turkey Sandwich

An easy breakfast or snack for you and your family. It's a bit healthier too than your usual mayo spread. More so, since you're using whole wheat bread instead of white breads, you'd be helping your blood sugar to be at a more controlled level.

What goes with this even, is a home-made brewed iced tea.

I hope you enjoy this simple home cooking recipe.

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. 
Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. I also try to avoid mayo for as much as I could! This is a great recipe! I'd surely try it out :>

  2. wow.. the taste of this seems interesting for it is conventional for sandwiches to have mayo. :)


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