Cooking Paksiw na Isda sa Suka

Cooking paksiw na isda (sour broth fish) may vary according to the way you cook your fish. I've showed you how I'm cooking paksiw na isda with "kamias". In this post, I'll share with you cooking paksiw na isda with the traditional fermented vinegar (suka) which we always have at home.

Cooking Paksiw na Isda sa Suka
Cooking paksiw na isda with vinegar

Cooking paksiw na isda with vinegar is just as simple as cooking paksiw with "kamias". This one only requires more ginger as it really goes well with the strong acidity of the vinegar. Let's start!

Ingredients in cooking paksiw na isda sa suka:
- fish
- ginger, crushed
Cooking Paksiw na Isda sa Suka

- long green chille or cayenne, cut
- onions, chopped

Cooking Paksiw na Isda sa Suka

- garlic, crushed
- whole pepper corns
- salt
- vinegar
- no water necessary

Let's start cooking paksiw na isda sa suka:
1. Make a diagonal cut across the two sides of the fish.
2. Rub the fish with salt, including the insides of the gills.
3. Place the ginger, chilli, onions, garlic and pepper corn alternately with the fish in a deep bowl.
4. Pour in the vinegar up to the level of the fish.
5. Season the mixture with salt.
6. Put the pan in low heat.
7. Let is bowl; then simmer until the fish are cooked.
8. Taste the soup of the fish.
You're aiming for a sour soup with a strong ginger "kick" at the end. Add more ginger if necessary.
9. Adjust the taste with salt, according to your liking.
10. Let the dish boil under low heat after the fish is cooked. This will allow the vinegar and the ginger to blend in with the taste of the fish.

Cooking Paksiw na Isda sa Suka
Cooking paksiw na isda sa suka: Serve it with or without the sauce
This dish goes well with scrambled eggs and hot rice. You can serve it with its tangy soup or separately. I prefer serving it apart from its soup like the one above.

With the vinegar, garlic and ginger, this dish can last for days in the fridge. So don't worry about wasting any left-overs. It even gets tastier, the longer it is immersed in its sauce. Just re-heat when you're having left-over food days.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Remember me when you cook.

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. 
Enjoy cooking like a pro!


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