Cooking Spinach with Oyster Mushroom

Cooking spinach and mushroom together in one pot makes an excellent dish. I've recently tried this simple home cooking recipe at home and it turned out great. Take a peek on how this recipe is done.

Spinach and mushroom recipe
Cooking spinach and mushroom recipe

I used oyster mushrooms in cooking spinach and mushroom. Oyster mushrooms are tasty ingredients for a simple dish. They look like scallops with an oyster-like flavor. You might have seen these kinds in your supermarkets or wet markets since they are widely available nowadays; very affordable too compared to the other kinds of mushrooms. More so, I got excited with cooking this dish because the health benefits of spinach serve a bonus in cooking this delicious and easy meal.

Cooking Spinach with Oyster Mushroom
Cooking spinach and mushroom: Oyster mushrooms
Cooking spinach and mushroom of this kind is very easy to prepare since the main ingredients easily cook under a heated pan. I also used ground pork for this dish. You may opt to mix chicken or chicken liver and gizzard if you want or whatever's available in your fridge.

Well then, let's start cooking spinach and mushroom like pro's!

Ingredients in cooking spinach with mushroom:
- ground pork
- cooking oil
- garlic crushed
- spinach, washed
Cooking Spinach with Oyster Mushroom
Cooking spinach and mushroom: spinach

- oyster mushroom, cut in pieces
- tomatoes, cut in pieces
- oyster sauce
- hot water
- pepper and fish sauce to taste

Cooking spinach and mushroom:
1. Put the pan in high heat.
2. Pour the cooking oil onto a heated pan.
3. Saute' the crushed garlic.
4. Add in the ground pork.
5. Saute' until the pork is cooked.
6. Season with a little pepper and fish sauce.
7. Put the pan in medium heat.
8. Add in the spinach and mushrooms.
9. Pour hot water.
10. Add oyster sauce.
11. Season with fish sauce and pepper.
12. Add the tomatoes.
13. Let it simmer.
14. Remove from heat once in starts to boil.
15. Serve with hot rice and fried fish.

Cooking Spinach with Oyster Mushroom
The joy of cooking spinach with mushroom

Enjoy cooking spinach and mushroom in your home. It's not only a delicious meal, it's very health too. Remember me when you cook!

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. 
Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. wow .. will try to cook this one.. hope my young man will like it

  2. i will try this definitely, not only very healthy, but I love ingredients.


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