Cooking Pork Sinigang

Cooking pork sinigang is another pork stew recipe common to many Filipinos. Pork sinigang is a Filipino style recipe similar to cooking pork nilaga minus the tomatoes. Well, that and some differences in the vegetable ingredients.

Nonetheless cooking pork sinigang uses the same procedure and cooking time as the other Filipino pork dish.
I usually use pork spare ribs in cooking pork sinigang. Tenderized spare ribs or any bony part of the pig works so well in cooking pork sinigang. Yet, pork ham or butt also does the work.

Ingredients needed in cooking pork sinigang:
- Pork spare ribs
- Garlic, crushed
- Onions, chopped or cut in big chunks
- Tomatoes, whole
- Water
- Water spinach, cut in desired lengths
- Okra, cut in halves
- Yardlong beans, cut in desired lengths
- Long green chili pepper or siling labuyo, cut away the top 
(Unless you want your soup to be extra hot, do not cut the chili when cooking pork sinigang)

Cooking Pork Sinigang
Basic vegetables used in cooking pork sinigang

- Salt, to taste
- Knorr sinigang mix (optional)

Let’s start cooking pork sinigang:
1. Mix the pork spare ribs, garlic, onions, tomatoes in a casserole. 
2. Put salt into the mixture for flavor.
3. Add water into the pot.

Cooking Pork Sinigang

4. Start boiling. Put the stove to high-heat.
5. Scum will arise after a few while. When it elevates to the top, start lowering the heat a notch down.
6. Allow the scum to build up.
7. Collect the scum as they come.

Cooking Pork Sinigang

8. When the scum is significantly removed from the pork broth, return the stove to high heat.
9. Start to tenderize the pork. Allow 45-60 minutes of cooking time for this process.
10. When the pork is at the desired texture; and the tomatoes almost liquefied with the broth, you may put the pan to low heat until it is ready to serve.

Cooking the vegetables take the smallest portion of time in cooking pork sinigang. When it’s time to serve:
1. Put the stove to high heat to bring the broth to a boil.
2. At boiling point, put the chili pepper first so that the broth may take in its flavor and aroma.
3. Put the yardlong beans as they are the longest to cook among the vegetables.
4. Mix in the stalks of the water spinach; then the orka; and finally, the leaves of the water spinach.
5. When the vegetables are cooked (and only then), start mixing the sinigang mix into the soup.
6. Mix well.

Cooking Pork Sinigang

7. Add salt to taste.
8. Remove from the stove.
9. Serve hot with rice.

Cooking Pork Sinigang

Cooking pork sinigang is done faster when all the ingredients are prepared - clean and cut accordingly. Remember me when you cook your pork sinigang dish!

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