Cooking Pancit (How to Cook Pansit)

Cooking pancit is (surprisingly) easy to do. It only needs a little sprinkle of love, goodness and happiness. Hmm… That and a little bit of cooking!

Pancit (stir-fried Chinese noodles with mix vegetables) originally came from the Chinese. Though not originally a Filipino style recipe, most of us claim it to be. The Filipinos have come greatly fond of pancit dish that it is one of the more famous cuisine commonly cooked, eaten and enjoyed by Filipinos, in and outside the Philippines.

Cooking pancit may be done using different kinds of Chinese noodles. Some of the Chinese noodles used in cooking pancit includes egg noodles, canton, wheat flour noodles, fresh rice noodles or dried rice noodles. For the purpose of this blog, I used canton noodles (similar to egg noodles) that I always buy fresh from the markets.

Ingredients in cooking pancit:
- Chinese noodles
- Garlic, crushed
- Red onions, chopped
- Carrots, julienned
- Snap beans, cut similarly as the carrots
- Cabbages, cut
- Chicken, cut in stripes
- Green or red bell pepper
- Kinchay or Chinese celery, chopped
- Hot water
- Fish sauce
- Ground or powdered pepper
- Spring onions, chopped

Cooking Pancit (How to Cook Pansit)
Ingredients in cooking pancit
Let’s start cooking pancit.
1. Wash the Chinese noodles thoroughly with hot water first; and subsequently with faucet water.
-Washing away the fresh noodles more than once in cooking pancit takes away the unnecessary flavors sticking from fresh noodles during its manual production.
-When one is using dried noodles in cooking pancit however, washing the noodles is no longer needed.
2. Put the pan or wok in high heat.
3. When the pan is hot, add in the cooking oil.
4. Sauté some of the crushed garlic.
5. Cook the chicken in garlic and oil. At this point, season the chicken with fish sauce and a bit of pepper.
6. Set aside the chicken for later.
7. Sauté the rest of the garlic and the onions together on the same pan.
8. Put in the carrots and snap beans.
9. Sauté until the ingredients change to more vibrant colors.
10. Put in the cabbages and the bell pepper into the mix.
11. Add the set aside chicken and continue mixing.
12. Put some hot water into the pan. Take into consideration that the Chinese noodles will later absorb the flavored water. The level of the water should be just right in cooking pancit.
13. Season this pancit sauce with fish sauce and pepper to the desired taste.
14. Add in the kinchay.
15. Put the Chinese noodles into the vegetable mix.
16. Mix well.
17. Garnish with spring onions upon serving.

Cooking Pancit (How to Cook Pansit)
Enjoy cooking pancit
Cooking pancit is fairly easy, right? Here's another recipe for a pansit lomi. This one uses more proteins than your typical pansit dish.

Remember me when you start cooking pancit in your home.

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog.  Enjoy cooking like a pro!


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