Cooking Fried Fish

Cooking fried fish of any kind is a must-learn skill for any housewife. I must admit, the only time I learned how to cook fried fish as a decent meal was when I got married. I'm a work in progress; and I'm progressing quite well in the kitchen.

Let me share with you how cooking fried fish is done at our home.

Any new housewife must learn the art of cooking fried fish; fried pork; fried egg. Anything fried for that matter. It's the easiest, fastest meal you can prepare for your family. Cooking fried fish is straight forward. It doesn't matter what kind of fish you're cooking since it's always those same steps.

Cooking Fried Fish
Here are my personal guides in cooking fried fish:
1. In cooking plate-sized fish, like my photo above, slightly run a knife across the fish' body in both sides.
Cooking Fried Fish
2. Rub salt on the entire body of the fish, including its insides.
3. The stove should be set at medium.
4. Make sure that the pan in really hot before pouring the oil.
5. Turn the heat to low before turning over the fish to the other side so it won't stick.
6. It's time to turn the fish when you can barely hear the oil fighting against the fish' flesh.

In Thailand, cooking fried fish is served with lots of fried garlic on top, similar to this one below. This kind of dish requires a big wok having such a big fish. Still, the basic of cooking fried fish applies.
Cooking Fried Fish
Fried fish is best served with hot rice and a serving of a vegetable dish. Some can't eat fish without condiments like soy sauce with lime, for instance. Whatever kind of fish you fancy, how ever you'd like to eat them, I hope you enjoy these simple home cooking tricks in cooking your own fish dish.

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. 
Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. I am not fond of fish but I like fried fish since it's one of the easier fish to remove fish bones.


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