Happy New Year! Let's keep on Cooking!

Happy New Year everyone! Cooking like a pro continues this 2012 with this very first post.

I'd like to share my cooking experience with you yesterday. I cooked simple home cooking recipes that were both a success. I cooked chicken pork adobo (pork stew in black soy sauce and vinegar) and pansit (stir-fried noodles with mixed vegetables). I may have shared a post regarding a pansit dinner episode at home.
I think Cooking like a pro blog is helping me become a better cook. (Good!)
I try to be better with my cooking skills each time I attempt to cook meals for my hubby and me. I hope you enjoy cooking new recipes with me, too.

Re-ment Cooking With Mama -Japanese Pancake

Going back to my dinner menu last night; I was surprised to create (accidentally perhaps) a nearly-perfect chicken pork adobo recipe. My cousin and the hubby said it was DELICIOUS! Yay! Success!

In cooking chicken pork adobo, I chose not to stir-fry. I cooked the pork and the chicken together with the garlic and onions as they swim in black soy sauce, vinegar and whole pepper corns under low heat. I stir the the entire dish cook and let it simmer under low heat until my pork is nice and tender. Since it's under low heat, the flavors of all my ingredients came together beautifully. I didn't have to be in front of my cooker too. Have you tried this technique?

Your chicken pork adobo recipe will be tastier with this version. If you don't want a too saucy chicken pork adobo recipe, I suggest you open the top as soon as the pork is cooked and tender while still under low heat.

As to the pansit, well it wasn't exceptional. I know I have cooked a better pansit version before. It was good enough, though. In fact, my hubby had some left-over pansit this morning for breakfast. Not that he had any choice. ;P

Once again, Happy New Year guys!!

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. Ang nanay ko pinapakuluan muna bago nya i prito ng half cook tapos saka nya sasama ang sabaw at papatuyuan. Ako naman ipi prito ko muna bago lagay ang sauce at patuyuan. lol!

  2. Iba-iba tlga ang pagluluto ng simpleng adobo natin ano?hahah!

  3. Happy New Year! I love your blog!


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