Cooking Yardlong Beans with Mushroom

You may already be cooking yardlong beans in your own kitchen. If you’re not familiar with the yardlong beans, these are also known as string beans, green beans, long green beans, long beans or sitaw in Tagalog.

Chinese Yardlong Beans Chinese Yardlong Beans Chinese Yardlong Beans

Cooking yardlong beans can be done by steaming, stir-frying;  or boiling with proteins or seafoods. Especially when done just right, yardlong beans give out a nice crispy texture. However in some countries like Thailand, yardlong beans are eaten raw together with mint and cabbages.

To tell you honestly, cooking yardlong beans is tricky. Well, for me, at least. For some reason, I always end up undercooking them in the fear of overcooking them. Does that make sense to you? Still, it’s no reason for me to stop cooking yardlong beans. After all, these long beans are healthy foods. They are rich in vitamins and minerals like proteins, calcium and phosphorus.

Cooking yardlong beans with mushroom is a new way to cook beans. I love adding mushrooms in my dish because their texture in similar to chicken. Mushrooms, usually the king trumpet mushrooms or the white mushroom kind, are very good extenders in cooking chopsuey or pansit, as well.

Ingredients for cooking yardlong beans with mushroom:
- Yardlong beans, cut at desirable lengths
- Chicken liver, cut in pieces
- Garlic, crushed
- Cooking oil
- Onions, chopped
- Hot water
- Fish sauce
- Powdered or ground black pepper
- Mushrooms, cut at desirable sizes

Cooking Yardlong Beans with Mushroom

Cooking yardlong beans with mushroom:
1. Put the pan to high heat.
2. Add in the cooking oil when the pan is ready.
3. Sauté some garlic.
4. Add in the chicken liver. Sauté the two ingredients until the liver is cooked.
5. Season the mixture with fish paste and pepper. 
6. Set aside the marinated liver.
7. Sauté the rest of the garlic with the onions in the same pan.
8. Put the yardlong beans in the pan. Stir until the beans turn to vibrant green.
9. Add the mushrooms into the pan.
10. Add some hot water to create a bit of sauce from the dish. Let the ingredients simmer.
11. Add in the chicken liver marinate.
12. Season with fish sauce and pepper.
13. Bring to a boil. Take away from the stove immediately when the sauce boils.
14. Keep it in the pan until ready to serve.
15. Best served with hot rice.

I hope you also enjoy cooking yardlong beans this ways. Yumm!

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  1. Mukhang masarap tong niluto mo ah!Kami naman kung di ginataan e adobo ang ginagawa naming luto.

  2. Thanks sis! Cooking yardlong beans is tricky friend.. parati ko syang na-uundercook.hehehe...


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