Cooking Sinaing na Isda Recipe

Cooking sinaing na isda (or steamed fish in English) is a simple home cooking recipe. Being a Filipino, and a Batangueno at that, I am fond of eating sinaing na isda every time it is served at home. It’s a shame that I have only recently learned cooking sinaing na isda.
Cooking sinaing na isda involves so little time. While any kind of fish may be used in cooking sinaing na isda, tulingan (or the tuna mackerel) is said to be the best option in cooking this kind of steamed fish.

This Filipino style recipe has many versions. Aside from the type of fish, there are many ways of seasoning the fish soup in cooking sinaing na isda. Some like its sour soup to be from fresh or dried tamarind; others from kamias or bilimbi; while others from fresh tomatoes. I like using kamias in cooking sinaing na isda; and other fish stew dish for that matter. I think it’s better than tamarind.

In any case, here are my ingredients in cooking sinaing na isda:
- Fish
- Salt
- Dried kamias
- Ginger, crushed
- Water
- No preservatives necessary

Cooking Sinaing na Isda Recipe
Cooking sinaing na isda made easy

Let's start cooking sinaing na isda:
1. Salt the fish (or marinate the fish in salt) first in cooking sinaing na isda.
2. Properly arrange the fish on a pot.
3. Put water on the pot; just enough level to barely cover the fish.
4. Wash the dried kamias and crushed ginger strategically on the pot.
5. Add a bit more salt.
6. Put the pan under low heat.
7. The fish should be ready in 7-10 minutes.
8. Season the soup with additional salt, if necessary.
9. Let the dish simmer to make the sour flavor stronger.
10. Serve with rice. Yumm!

I hope you like cooking sinaing na isda using this recipe. Remember me when you're cooking sinaing na isda for your family! 

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. I love sinaing na isda! Pero di pa ako nakapagluto nito. May nagbibigay lang samin. Kaw ba gumagawa ng dried kamias mo o bumibili ka? parang wala akong nakikitang binebenta nito. Dried kamias din ang gamit nung nagbibigay samin. By the way young twitter's trending topic shirt available sya sa any branch ng Robinson department store. Whatever ang tatak nung shirt.

  2. Un kamias sis, hiningi ko lang sa amin. I suppose meron nito sa mga wet markets sa atin. Cool! I'll look for the shirts pag uwi nmin this year! Thanks!

  3. It is easy to make dried kamias. Just wash the kamias properly and cut into halves. Have t dry under the sun for two days. Make it sure to cover it with bilao or anything para hindi madumihan.


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