Cooking Pork Tapa (How to Make Tapa)

Cooking pork tapa is a famous delicacy in Taal, Batangas, Philippines. In English, pork tapa may pass as a pork jerky that may not necessarily require the drying process. Some dry it under the heat of the sun; some don't. The basic of cooking pork tapa however involves only the marinating process of pork in soy sauce, vinegar and spices. That’s what I’ll show you in this post. 

Cooking pork tapa is quite easy really. It’s a very satisfying dish. It may be prepared days or weeks in advance. The longer the pork is cured, the stronger the flavors would be.

Ingredients in cooking pork tapa with no artificial preservative:
- Pork, cut into thin slices
- Soy sauce
- Vinegar
- Garlic, chopped
- Whole pepper corns
- Powdered or ground pepper

If you’re not cooking pork tapa in the pan right away, you will also need a container with lid for temporary storage.

Cooking Pork Tapa

Let’s start cooking pork tapa:
1. Mix all the ingredients together in a deep bowl. The ratio of the soy sauce and vinegar that I use is 1:1. Some like their pork tapa on the salty side. In this case, put more of the soy sauce. If you like in a more acidic flavor, mix in more vinegar.
2. Keep in a container with lid in the fridge until set for cooking.
3. Fry with cooking oil.

Cooking pork tapa with lime:
I sometimes squirt a dash of calamansi, lime or lemon to add a tangy flavor when preparing or cooking pork tapa. However, this is to be done with caution. 
a. You can add the citrus straight to the mixture for storage; but you have to cook the pork within 1-2 days after preparation. 
b. Or you may add the acid when you are about to cook it. In this case, separate the pork strips that you are planning to cook, then add in that extra tangy flavor in your marinade.

Cooking Pork Tapa

You can substitute beef with pork for this recipe. Perhaps you may also fancy my Garlic 'n Pepper Pork recipe. 

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