Cooking Pork Nilaga (Slow-cook Pork Stew)

Cooking pork nilaga in English is cooking pork stew. Pork nilaga is Filipino style recipe that may be done with or without a pressure cooker. Since I tenderize my pork nilaga with a regular pan, I need longer time to cook this dish. Let me share with you how.

The right pork cuts in cooking pork nilaga are those that are good for slow cooking, e.g. shoulder butt, pork belly and the hocks. Using spare ribs in cooking pork nilaga also works; however, we need to wait longer time in cooking pork nilaga with spare ribs.
In cooking pork nilaga – it is more satisfying to eat this dish when the pork is most tender.
Here is what we need in cooking pork nilaga:
- Pork, cut into the right size
- Garlic, crushed
- Onions, cut
- Peppercorns
- Knorr pork broth cubes
- Cabbage
- Green beans
- Potatoes, cut (optional)
- Petchay or Chinese cabbage or Bokchoi
- Fish sauce
- Salt, to taste
- Time, time and possibly more time

Cooking Pork Nilaga (Slow-cook Pork Stew)
Vegetable I use in cooking pork nilaga: cabbage, chinese cabbage and green beans

Let’s start cooking pork nilaga:
1. Put the following ingredients into a boil: pork, garlic, onions, peppercorns and salt. Set the stove to medium to high heat.
2. As the pork cooks, unhealthy fats or scum should raise up to the top of the pan. Skim off the scum as they appear until none are being produced.
3. Allow the pork to tenderize for 30-45 minutes. You will know that the pork is cooked when it’s oil is mixing with the broth that you have created.
4. Season the broth with salt, as desired.
5. Add in a cube of Knorr pork cubes, as desired and when needed. To add more flavor, I use artificial pork cubes in my broth dishes for both chicken and pork.
6. Cooking pork nilaga is essentially done when the pork is slow and tender. When ready to serve, add in the vegetablesl; and allow some 3-5 minutes to cook. Half-cooked vegetables are preferred with their vibrant green colors.
7. Season with fish sauce.
8. Serve with hot rice.

Cooking Pork Nilaga (Slow-cook Pork Stew)

Have fun cooking your own pork nilaga!

You may also enjoy cooking pork sinigang, another Filipino dish.

Remember me when you cook!


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