Cooking Pangat na Isda (Pinangat)

Cooking pangat na isda is another fish dish that is so simple; so easy to do. Pangat na isda or pinangat na isda is another form of steamed fish recipe. For this dish, we're cooking pangat na isda in dried kamias with fresh tomatoes.

Just like the sinaing na isda recipe, there is no particular fish that should be used for this dish. In fact, I buy a certain kind of mackerel, alumahan (its Tagalog name), in cooking pangat na isda. It’s texture and size is perfect for my palate and my pot.

Cooking Pangat na Isda (Pinangat)
Cooking pangat na isda is a home cooking recipe in the Philippines

We can refer to the sinaing na isda recipe in cooking pangat na isda. The only addition to the set of ingredients in the previous recipe is the tomatoes. Cooking pangat na isda is just as easy and as fast. The difference of cooking pangat na isda from the sinaing na isda recipe would be the added sour taste of tomatoes. More so, any leftovers should be kept in the fridge since tomatoes tend to shorten the life span of a delicious and edible meal.

In cooking pangat na isda, we will need:
- Fish
- Salt
- Dried kamias
- Fresh red tomatoes, cut into pieces
- Ginger, crushed
- Water
- No preservatives necessary

To start cooking pangat na isda:
1. Salt or marinate the fish with salt.
2. Arrange the fish on the pot properly. Avoid the fish to be on top of the other.
3. Put just enough water on the pot. The water level should only barely cover the fish.
4. Put the washed kamias, cut tomatoes and crushed ginger onto the pot. Make sure they are place on the water rather than the fish.
5. Season the water with a bit more salt.
6. Put the pan under low heat.
7. After 7-10 minutes, taste the soup. The fish should be cooked by now.
8. Season with more salt, if necessary.
9. Let the dish boil for a few more minutes.
10. Serve with rice.

Cooking Pangat na Isda (Pinangat)
Cooking pangat na isda
Some like cooking pangat na isda for its sour soup. It goes very well with rice. Some however, only care for the fish itself. If you prefer a dish with less soup, open the pan's cover to allow the water to evaporate. Otherwise, close the lid until you are ready to serve.

Enjoy cooking pangat na isda at home!

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. Enjoy cooking like a pro!


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