Simple Condiment Recipes (Making Sauces)

I'd like to share with you simple home cooking tips on making condiment at home. These simple condiment recipes make good pairs with proteins and vegetables. I can eat heaps and heaps of vegetables at home, as long as I have my easy to do, simple condiments beside me.

Simple Condiment Recipes (Making Sauces)

Simple condiment recipes for vegetables
For steamed or boiled greens like morning glory, cabbages or okra for example, I use:
-Fish sauce with lime or lemon; or
-Lime or lemon with salt

Although hardly one of my simple condiment recipes, a store-bought sesame and vegetable dressing makes an excellent choice for steamed or boiled broccoli veggie. This particular dressing we "discovered" is non-oil and apparently only 13calories. Perhaps, you'd like to try it as well.

Simple Condiment Recipes (Making Sauces)

For raw unpeeled cucumbers or jerkins, I go for:
-Vinegar with pepper and crushed garlic - chilled!

Simple condiment recipes for fish
For a fried fish dish, I have several choices in my sleeves. I can either have:
-Vinegar with garlic; or
-Vinegar with salt and garlic; or
-Vinegar with garlic and pepper; or
-Soy sauce with lime or lemon; or
-Soy sauce with pinched red tomatoes
(Come to think of it, soy sauce and tomatoes already make a good pair with rice and rice alone. Lol!)

Simple condiment recipes for meats
For fried meats like a garlic and pepper pork for instance, I sometimes make a soy sauce concoction with chopped red onions, tomatoes and lime. Yumm! Oftentimes, and especially when I am lazy to chop, I just go for the good 'ol reliable tomato ketchup which is probably the most popular condiments of all. Vinegar and garlic is also one of my simple condiment recipes for fried pork.

For meats with soup like a pork stew recipe for example, fish sauce with lime or lemon also does the trick for me.

I suppose most of the Filipino homes use these simple condiment recipes, as well. I often go for this simple condiment recipes that are easy to do rather than go for the mostly high-caloric kinds. They taste good; they make the foods taste better; and I know there's hardly msg in them.

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. Ma try nga yang sesame and vegetable dressing na yan pag may nakita ako. Madalas sa SM grocery kami namimili di ko sure kung meroin dun

  2. Di ko na-try hanapin itong dressing na to sa pinas. Though, I think meron dapat. I hope you can try it too, anney.

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Thank you for providing the Simple Condiment Recipes.Actually i don't no how to prepare this but now i know beecause of your blog only.

  4. wow, new to my eyes, ill try to grab one of these


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