Cooking Pasta Sauce (Home-made)

Cooking pasta sauce is easy when you cook it from a can. However, did you know that cooking pasta sauce is also not that hard when it's made from fresh ingredients? I'll share with you how I'm cooking pasta sauce using red tomatoes.

I made a simple home cooking recipe from fresh tomatoes, onions, spices and ground pork. Cooking pasta sauce in this manner doesn't require you to buy tomato or spaghetti sauce from the supermarket. It's therefore cheaper; and since I'm not using artificial flavors, this pasta sauce recipe is even healthier.

The ingredients needed in cooking pasta sauce are:
- tomatoes, chopped
- red onions, chopped
- garlic, chopped
- ground pork or ground beef or stripped chicken
- herbs and spices (oregano, basil powder, black pepper powder, chili powder)
- pasta
- salt and fish sauce to taste
- green spring onions for garnish (optional) 

Let's start cooking pasta:
Put a generous amount of salt in the pasta water so the pasta may acquire flavor. Drain the pasta when nearly cooked (about 80% done). Set aside both pasta and pasta water separately. We will use the pasta water in cooking the sauce for this home-made pasta sauce recipe.

Let's start cooking pasta sauce:
1. Saute' a portion of the crushed garlic in olive oil.
2. Add the ground pork. Any protein would do, i.e. pork, beef or chicken . Set aside when cooked.
3. Saute' the rest of the garlic.
4. Add the red onions and tomatoes.
5. Add some pasta water to the tomato mixture to prevent it from drying up.
6. Lower the stove to medium heat and allow the tomatoes to juice.
7. Add the cooked pork. Mix well.
8.Season the home-made pasta sauce with spices. I used basil powder, oregano leaves and black pepper powder. If you like your home-made pasta sauce recipe hot and spicy, add some chili powder.
9. Season with fish sauce to your preference. 
10. Add the pasta. Let it simmer until the pasta is completely cooked. The pasta should be able to absorb the flavor of the sauce as it cooks.

Cooking Pasta Sauce (Home-made)
Cooking pasta sauce at home
Try cooking pasta sauce with fresh ingredients. It's simple when you know the basic! Remember me when you start cooking pasta sauce for your family.

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. I love homemade pasta sauce! Lumalabas talaga yung natural flavor ng sauce!

  2. So true. Dapat virgin olive oil ang gamit para mas malasa friend. :)


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