Cooking Paksiw na Isda Recipe

It took me years before I learned cooking paksiw na isda. Although a simple fish dish, I had so little experience in cooking fish.

Tanigue fish may be used in cooking paksiw na isda (sour broth fish recipe). Tanigue's English name is Spanish Mackarel for everyone's information. Cooking paksiw sa isda, another Filipino style recipe has many variations. In this post, I won't be using vinegar to make the sour soup. I'm cooking paksiw na isda with “kamias”.

“Kamias” (or kamyas, camias, kalamyas) is a fruit of the bilimbi or cucumber tree(Averrhoa bilimbi). It is commonly used by Batanguenos in cooking fish stew. It has the same sourness of a vinegar, a healthier alternative to a sour broth.

Ingredients in cooking paksiw na isda:
-2 pieces of long green chile pepper or cayenne (siling labuyo), sliced
-1 thumb-sized ginger, diced, minced or chopped
-10 pieces of dried kamias, washed thoroughly under running water, do not cut
-Spanish mackarel (tanigue fish)
-Garlic, crushed
-Onions, cut into pieces
-Salt to taste

Cooking Paksiw na Isda Recipe
Ingredients mixed in a pan while cooking paksiw na isda

Let's start cooking paksiw na isda:
1. Put several pieces of kamias, cayenne, onions and garlic at the bottom of the pan. Gently put the fish on top and sprinkle the remaining ingredients unto the fish.
2. Add in the water up to the level of the fish; and then a dash of salt.
3. Place the pan under low-heat. Fish cook very easily, compared to other proteins. Also, this will allow all the flavors to blend with the fish as it cooks.
4. Cooking paksiw na isda takes 10-15 minutes to cook. Taste its fish sauce to determine if you need to add water or salt, depending on your taste preference.

Cooking Paksiw na Isda Recipe

This simple home cooking recipe is best served with hot, steamy rice and a side dish of steamed vegetables. You may also fancy my Steamed Fish recipe. It's just as easy, I promise.

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