Making Healthy Salads

I love making healthy salads. Contrary to what others think, eating healthy salads is hardly expensive. Making healthy salads at home are more economical than buying high caloric salads in fast-foods or restaurants.

I don't know much about cooking so I try to focus on things that I know - mixing! Making healthy salads require very little cooking time, as far as I am concerned. We only need the right ingredients to mix. I have several home cooking recipes in making healthy salads and dressings. Today, I'll share with you one that's very easy to make.

We need the following in making healthy salads:
-Green lettuce
In making healthy salads with lettuce, you can use different kinds of greens. You can put butterhead, romaine and iceberg lettuce in one bowl. Often, I use more of iceberg because they are crunchier compared to the other kinds.

-Red tomatoes
Slice 1 or 2 small red raw tomatoes.

-Carrots and asparagus, steamed and cut
Never overcook the carrots. When the color changes to a more brighter orange, let  them cool.

-Smoked salmon (optional)
Add several strips to add protein and omega-3

Toss the ingredients together in one deep bowl.

Next, the dressing for our healthy salad:
Salad dressing is what's making healthy salads exciting. Let's make a simple home cooking concoction for this salad; rather than just whipping mayonnaise and ketchup together.

We need the following in making healthy salad dressing:
-1 tsp of olive oil
-1 1/2 tbsp of honey
-1 whole lime or a quarter of lemon.
- Salt and pepper to taste.

Add them together in one small bowl.

Let the salad and the dressing cool separately until serving time. Mix them up when it's time to eat so the dressing won't stay at the bottom too long.

Making healthy salads like this is my first option when it comes to salads.This simple home cooking recipe is very easy to do; with very little cooking time involved. You can have fun in making healthy salads by choosing colorful vegetables in your dish.

With that, I hope you have fun making healthy salads of your own!

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog.  Enjoy cooking like a pro!


  1. I love salads too my friend! Will try that salad dressing you've shared.

  2. Vinaigrette salad dressing is healthy pero ang sarap naman din kasi talaga ng mayo at ketchup! hehehe!

  3. Hi anney! Thanks for your comment. Hahaha! Yes, I have to agree with the mayo-catsup mix!hihihi... :D


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