My Best Kind'a Meal... Take out!

I'm sure this is every wife's best meal (every once in a while, that is). It may not fall in simple home cooking but it's the easiest and fastest food to prepare for sure.

Take out! When I'm lazy to prepare a home cooking recipe at home, take out foods are my best friends! Take out meal is an integral part of every married couple's menu. Remember those days when your mom orders pizza to feed you? Well, it's exactly what I mean.

Tonight we ordered in.

We had 2 orders of bihon-miki pancit or what I will refer here to as stir-fried Chinese noodles. Ours noodles is sauteed with pork, chicken and vegetables like string beans, cabbage, carrots and Chinese celery. We also bought some fried chicken which go well with the noodles.

Pancit Bihon

Fried Chicken

We bought a couple of fresh coconut juices by the streets; and for desserts, we had some fresh rose apples. Ahh! This is simple home cooking without the sweat.

Personally though, it's not the complete meal that I usually serve at home. I still prefer cooking hot dishes for my hubby. And yet, I have no complaints whenever we crave for take outs.

Wait a minute! In this case, it was my hubby who requested take out. Is he avoiding my home-cooking? ...again?? Well perhaps, take out is his kind'a meal, too!

How about you guys? What's your kind'a meal? :)


  1. Sarap naman nito friend, love, love the picture too, thumbs up :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, friend! Bisitahin din kita. :D

  3. Ang dinner namin kanina e yung chicken na nabibili lang sa tabi tabi. hahaha! May time naman kasi talaga na minsan parang ayaw mo magluto o tinatamad. hehehe!

  4. Corek! I have to agree, hihihi.. At least di ako nag-iisa friend! LOL!


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