Starting to Cook with Something Simple

I could hardly cook a decent meal when I was single. When I got married, simple home cooking didn't come to me easy. I had a lot of home-made recipes that ended up in the bin because they were inedible for my husband and I. I knew I had to learn simple home cooking at one point in my married life.

The first dish that I remember messing up was adobo, a Filipino style recipe. It's supposed to be a simple home cooking meal. But I didn't know how much soy sauce is too much soy sauce back then; so I cooked a very salty adobo meal. We ended up eating burgers at McDonald's that day. I had many other cooking bloopers in the kitchen. All of which are priceless since I learned how to do simple home cooking with these mistakes.

I started cooking simple dish in the kitchen just like my adobo meal. In fact, it took me several attempts before I learned the perfect mix of soy sauce and vinegar for this Filipino style recipe. I've mastered the art of cooking canned goods too. My husband says I cook the best corned beef! I did a lot of frying before I can cook soup-based recipes. Also, I learned to cook pork first, before I can cook fish.

I enjoy cooking simple recipes at home probably because I love eating. Today, I have several dishes to choose from when I cook for my husband. I enjoy cooking Filipino style recipes the most, since we're both familiar with the Pinoy flavors. I still commit cooking mishaps along the way; but I learn each time I make mistakes.

Simple home cooking is a learning process for me. I guess this should be true to everyone. For someone who is new in cooking, starting to cook with something simple is the best way to learn.

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. Enjoy cooking like a pro!


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