Cooking Pork in Black Pepper Sauce

I had a inkling for pork in black pepper sauce. It's one of the well-known dishes here in Thailand. After making the dish, I learned that black pepper dish is simple and very easy to do.

Cooking Pork in Black Pepper Sauce
Easy steps in cooking pork in black pepper sauce!

Read on and I'll show you how.

Cooking pork in black pepper sauce is a hot dish given that it contains a lot of pepper in it. However, it is not necessarily spicy. In fact, it may be a sweet one depending on how generous you are with your sugar. In cooking, I don't really go for pre-packed sauces; but for this recipe, I'll make an exception. And for that reason alone, cooking pork in black pepper sauce should be a breeze, especially for the new cooks.

Ingredients in cooking pork in black pepper sauce:
- pork, cut in thin slices
- garlic, crushed
- green beans, cut in strips
- carrots, thinly cut
- bean sprouts (optional)

Cooking Pork in Black Pepper Sauce

- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- brown sugar
- ground pepper
- black pepper sauce (I used Roza brand that's available here in Thailand. You can use other brands like Lee Kum Kee or Knorr)

Cooking Pork in Black Pepper Sauce

- egg noodles

Let's start cooking pork in black pepper sauce.
1. Saute' the garlic in a very hot pan.
2. Fry the pork when the garlic turns golden.
Quick tip: You can marinate the pork before frying in soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar and ground pepper.
3. While waiting for the pork to cook, mix the following together in a small bowl:

  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • brown sugar
  • black pepper sauce

4. When the pork is golden brown on both sides, season with pepper.
5. Add in the carrots; then the beans. Mix well.
6. Add a bit of water to slightly cool off the pan.
7. Put the pre-mixed sauce into the dish. Mix well.
8. Take off from the pan when the sauce is nice and thick.
9. Serve with hot rice.

Cooking Pork in Black Pepper Sauce

You may also serve it on top of egg noodles. To do this,
10. Set aside the pork in black pepper sauce dish.
11. Heat up the egg noodles in boiling water for about 3 minutes.
12. Quickly dip the bean sprouts in the same water for 5-10 seconds.
13. Place noodles at the bottom of the plate.
14. Place pork on top of the noodles.
15. Place bean sprouts on top of the pork.

Cooking Pork in Black Pepper Sauce

That's it! Serve this pork in black pepper sauce with proud and joy! Remember me when you cook!

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  2. looks delish! i even love how you garnished it :)

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  3. Looks yummy. Love it!. Hope I can cook it sometime soon.


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