Cooking Egg Noodle a la Pancit Canton

Let's try cooking egg noodle a la instant pancit canton-style! I have some egg noodle to spare, anyway.

Most (if not all Filipinos) are familiar with instant noodles. One in particular is Lucky Me Pancit Canton.

Cooking Egg Noodle a la Pancit Canton

You immerse it in hot water; strain the noodles; mix the MSG-packed seasonings with the noodles. And viola! A tasty, satisfying meal!

Believe me, it is a very handy snack. However, it is hardly nutritious. I consider it unhealthy, fatty and provide us with mostly empty calories. In contract, I'd like to share my egg noodle recipe that's very easy to do; more satisfying and most importantly, healthy.

Ingredients in cooking egg noodle a la instant pancit canton:
- egg noodles
- cooking oil
- garlic, crushed
- carrots, cut in strips
- string beans, cut in strips
- shrimps, de-veined and cut in halves
- fish sauce
- oyster sauce (optional)
- pepper
- sesame oil
- hot water

Let's start cooking egg noodle a la instant pancit canton.
1. Briefly cook the egg noodles in boiling water.
2. Drain. Sprinkle sesame oil; and set aside.
3. Saute' garlic in a very hot cooking oil.
4. Add in the carrots.
5. Add in the beans. Stir well.
6. Add in the shrimps. Stir well.

Quick tip: When the shrimp changes color from grey to orange, the shrimp is cooked.

7. Quickly season with fish sauce and pepper. If you want your noodles to be a bit sweet, add some oyster sauce in there, too.
8. Remove from pan.

Cooking Egg Noodle a la Pancit Canton

9. Garnish the egg noodle with your vegetable dressing.

Cooking Egg Noodle a la Pancit Canton

10. Sprinkle with lime and soy sauce as desired.

It may not be as quick as the instant noodles in your cupboards; but the extra effort of cooking vegetables is definitely worth every bite. Cooking egg noodle a la instant pancit canton is good for both children and adults.

Remember me when you cook!

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  1. I just ate my fill of pancit canton with egg today! :DD Such a yummy snack! :) thanks for the recipe - adding jazz to my boring pancit canton!

  2. i do your cooking like a pro pancit canton too. sarap na, healthy pa.


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