Cooking Stir fry Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

How do you like your shrimps? I like mine with lots of vegetables. And for that reason, I'd like to share this simple home cooking recipe for the health conscious and shrimp lovers alike.

Cooking Stir fry Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables
If you like cooking stir fry shrimp like I do, you may want to try this very simple dish.

I'm cooking stir fry shrimp with mixed vegetables in oyster sauce. I used ginger, broccoli and asparagus for this dish. I added some pieces of chicken to add flavors and texture in this meal. Including prep time, you'll need about 30-40 minutes for this Filipino-style, Chinese-inspired recipe.

Ingredients in cooking stir fry shimp with mixed vegetables:
- shrimps, skinned
- chicken, cut (preferably breast part)
- cooking oil
- garlic, crushed
- ginger, crushed
- broccoli, cut
- asparagus, cut
- carrots, cut
Cooking Stir fry Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

- shiitake mushroom, cut

Cooking Stir fry Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

- spinach leaves (optional)

Cooking Stir fry Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

- oyster sauce
- fish sauce
- cornstarch (mixed in hot water)
- salt and pepper, to taste
- hot water

Cooking stir fry shrimp with mixed vegetables:
1. Saute' the chicken bits in garlic and oil.
2. When cooked, remove the chicken from the pan and season with fish sauce.
3. Saute' garlic and ginger using the same pan.
4. Put in the carrots and asparagus under high heat.
5. Put in the broccoli and the mushrooms. Mix well.
6. Put the seasoned chicken into the pan. Mix well.
7. When the vegetables are all cooked, pour in some hot water.

Quick tip: When the vegetables change into their vibrant shades, they are cooked. 

8. Add in the shrimps and the spinach leaves.
Quick tip: In cooking stir fry shrimps, once the shrimps change their color to orange, they are cooked.
9. Season with oyster sauce and fish sauce.
10. Thicken the sauce by adding  the cornstarch. Mix well.
11. Add salt and pepper to taste.
12. Serve with hot rice.

Cooking Stir fry Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

Isn't cooking stir fry shrimp fast and easy?

I hope you enjoy cooking stir fry shrimp with mixed vegetables at home. Try putting loads of vegetables in this dish to counter the effect of the shrimp's cholesterol content.

Perhaps you'd also enjoy my stir-fried mixed vegetable recipe. Remember me when you cook!

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