Cooking Garlic n' Pepper Pork

Cooking fried pork is very elementary. You heat up the pan. Fry the pork. Turn the pork over. Let it drip. Then serve. The tricky part however, is making the pork tasty rather than just being fried.

With that, let me share with you how I'm cooking fried pork. This is a simple home cooking recipe that you and your family may enjoy.

Cooking Garlic n' Pepper Pork
Cooking garlic and pepper pork

We've already established that cooking fried pork is in fact, easy. Frying the pork of course, is only half the story. How we prepare and marinade the pork is a different matter altogether in cooking fried pork. You've seen my post on cooking pork tapa (similar to a pork jerky recipe). This time, I'd like to share a simpler way of marinating pork.

We'll be cooking fried pork in garlic and pepper. You can prepare this for your kid's or husband's packed lunch (if packed lunch is still in practice in this time and age). Nonetheless, this simple home cooking recipe is also ideal for a quick fix meal at home.

Ingredients in cooking fried pork in garlic and pepper:
- pork, cut into thin slices
- garlic, crushed
- ground black or white pepper
- salt
- breading (optional)

Let's start cooking fried pork in garlic and pepper.
1. Mix the pork, salt, garlic and pepper together in one bowl.
Cooking Garlic n' Pepper Pork
Cooking fried pork in garlic and pepper: Mix the ingredients well in a deep bowl.
If you plan to cook this meal on a later day, keep them refrigerated in a dry container with lid. Otherwise, let the pork sit for just about 20 minutes.

2. Dab the pork unto your pork breading. Mind that the garlic and pepper already complements the flavor of the pork. Even without any breading, this dish is delicious on its own. However, you can always opt to use pork breading every now and then to give a "twist" on this simple home cooking recipe. I sometimes use Maggi's All-in-One Magic Sarap seasoning to add more flavor when I'm cooking fried pork. I promise you that it works very well with this simple recipe.

Cooking Garlic n' Pepper Pork
Cooking garlic and pepper pork with Maggi's Magic Sarap

3. Fry the pork as you would normally do.

Cooking Garlic n' Pepper Pork
Cooking fried pork in garlic and pepper recipe

Simple and easy! I hope you enjoyed this simple recipe. Remember me when you cook!

About the Author: Beingwell loves simple home cooking recipes. She enjoys sharing her quick easy meals, including Filipino cooking recipes in this blog. 
Enjoy cooking like a pro!

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I'm Rizza, the accidental blogger. My cooking journey started with an awful adobo dish that even I couldn't eat. Now here I am with more than a hundred tasty and enjoyable recipes. I love sharing my cooking experience and recipes with you. I hope to inspire you with more tasty, quick and easy meals that I have cooked and been cooking for my family. Enjoy and do come back for more!


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