Spicy chicken wings

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Easy cheese omelet

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Crab pasta with basil

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Pork wonton dumplings

Quick and easy recipes by Cookinglikeapro.net

Making honey glaze marinade for your ham and other processed meats is very easy. All you need are honey and the staple spices you can find in your kitchen rack. If you're looking for a new breakfast or snack recipe for your loved ones, this honey glaze dressing may do you some good.

This pork stew recipe is inspired by the chicken stew I had in Zood Noodles, a Thai restaurant located in Bangkok. I figured I give this dish a try; however, while using pork. Here's what I got!

Cooking Pork Stew with Tomato Sauce

Arroz caldo, also known as lugaw to many Filipinos, is a rice porridge recipe. It closely resembles to a Chinese congee. It is rice grains cooked in chicken broth and spices. A hot bowl of arroz caldo is perfect during rainy seasons. It is also prepared by many moms when a member of the family is feeling under the weather.

Cooking Arroz Caldo (Lugaw Recipe)

I make excellent toasts! Have you seen my simple grilled cheese post? You should, it's classic. This toast recipe is my not so french toast toasts. It's suppose to mimic pancakes since I have no clue how to make them taste good.

Cooking French Toast-inspired Toasts

Scrambled eggs. These are the best breakfast ever discovered! It's light, yet it' heavy. It's yummy, yet it's healthy. Scrambled eggs can be done in a whole lot of ways, too. You can cook it a bit dry or a little saucy; with herbs, without them. It's the best go-to breakfast recipe for every home.

Cooking Scrambled Eggs

Pochero or puchero is a Filipino dish (or so we claim) that is deeply-rooted from the Spaniards. It's a meat dish, tomato-based with several kinds of vegetables and 1 kind of fruit, the plantains. In the Philippines, cooking pochero is typical  during large gatherings or special occasions.

Cooking Pochero with Spare Ribs (Crock Pot Recipe)

Are you fond of a spicy dish? If so, get ready to be blown by my spicy chili chicken recipe. It's a bit sweet, a lot of spicy and full of yummy! I promise this is another quick and easy home-cooking recipe.

Cooking Spicy Chili Chicken (Thai-Style)


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