Pancit sotanghon or pancit bihon... which pancit variant do you prefer?

Pancit Recipe

They seem to be alike; but they are not. The first one's made of cellophane noodles, glossier than the latter; as the second one is made of rice noodles. I, for one, like to cook with sotanghon noodles over the other. It’s just less soggy to work with. It doesn’t break easily as compared to the bihon. As to its taste however, I like whichever’s presented on the table.

This pancit sotanghon recipe is just like any other… with the addition of one particular ingredient – the kale. The vibrant green of this vegetable brings nice colors and texture to the mix. Also, it’s one superfood so it definitely increases the nutritional value of the pancit.

Here’s how I do pancit sotanghon at home.
Pancit Recipe

-Vermicelli noodles (sotanghon), 250g
-Chicken breast, 400g, cut in thin shreds
-Pork or chicken liver, 200g, cut in small pieces
-Garlic, 5-7 cloves, crushed and chopped
-Onions, 1 whole, chopped
-Carrots, 1 whole, cut in strips
-Green beans, 300g, cut into strips
-Green and/or red bell pepper, at least half, cut into strips
-Kale, 2-3 leaves, chopped
-Cabbage, ¼ of whole, cut into shreds
-Fish sauce, 2 tbsp
-Soy sauce, 6 tbsp
-Water, 2 cups
-Cooking oil, 2 tbsp
-Salt and pepper, to taste


Pancit Recipe

1. Soak the vermicelli noodles in tepid water. Set aside for later.
2. Put oil in a heated pan or wok.
3. Put in the garlic. Saute until golden brown.
4. Put in the chicken. Fry for 10-15 minutes under medium heat.
5. Season with fish sauce.
6. When the chicken turns a bit charred, add in the onions.
7. When the onions sweat, add in the chicken liver. Stir for under a minute.
8. Put 1 cup of water. Allow to boil.
9. Add in all the vegetables.
10. Season with 3 tbsp of soy sauce.
11. Stir well until the veggies are cooked. Take care not to overcook them.
12. When they appear to be in a more vibrant color, scoop them out and let them rest.

Pancit Recipe

13. Put the noodles in the pan.
14. Add the rest of the water and soy sauce.
15. Stir well until the noodles are cooked.

Pancit Recipe

16. Season the dish with salt and pepper.
17. When the noodles are ready, put the vegetables on top.

Pancit Recipe

18. Serve while hot.

We, Filipinos, love eating pancit! So much that we enjoy it with rice and/or bread. That’s carbs and carbs for you; and we just don’t care. It’s a yummy dish and that’s it.

Remember me when you cook!

How To Cook Pancit Sotanghon| Pancit Recipe

Champorado is one of my favorite Filipino snacks. It’s glutinous rice porridge married with sweet, sweet sugar and cocoa powder. It is YUMM!!!

Champorado Recipe

Back in the day in our home in Batangas, champorado is cooked only with tabliya (it’s made of unsweetened and pure cocoa powder) tablets. When mom buys tabliya from the wet market or when someone gifts it to us, I definitely know that champorado will be on the menu in a very, very near future. And that, gives me such a delight!

As a child, I didn’t care how cooking champorado was done. Who does? When that big lump of chocolatey goodness was served on the table, I ate. No questions asked. I didn’t know that this snack recipe is very easy to do.

And so now, it’s time for me to give back. I’d like to share with you my version of cooking champorado.  I hope it also brings joy to other kids, as it gave joy to me when I was young.

It requires very few ingredients; it’ll be very hard to mess up! :P

Here’s how I do champorado at home.


Champorado Recipe

-Glutinous rice (malagkit), 1 cup
-Water, 8-10 cups
-Unsweetened cocoa powder, ½ cup
-Raw sugar, ½ - ¾ cup
-Evaporated milk

1.    Put glutinous rice in 4 cups of water.

Champorado Recipe

2.    Wait for it to boil under medium heat.
3.    Once boiling, lower the heat.
4.    Stir occasionally to avoid rice from sticking at the bottom of the pot.
5.    When the water thickens, add 3 more cups of water
6.    Continue stirring. The idea is to wait for the rice to break or at least open up. The more loosed it gets, the better.
7.    The water will thicken once again. When this happens, put the rest of the water in.
8.    Continue stirring under low heat.
9.    Add in the sugar.
10.    Dissolve the cocoa powder in water. Add it in the rice porridge.
11.    Stir until the cocoa is mixed evenly with the porridge.

Champorado Recipe

 12.    Serve with evaporated milk on top.

Champorado Recipe

That's it! Enjoy! Remember me when you cook!

How To Cook Champorado | Champorado Recipe

Lo Mein. It’s a very tasty noodle dish that closely resembles the Yakisoba.

Lo Mein Recipe

I love both! Well, I’m in love with lots of noodle dishes. That’s how Asian I am. Give me any kind of pancit and I’ll be happy as a child! This Lo Mein recipe is different from the other Filipino noodles that I cook, though. It’s with a sweet, sticky sauce; and, it uses ginger. It’s a nice variant to the palate when it comes to noodle dishes.

Here’s how we cook Lo Mein at home.

-Egg noodles
-Chicken breast, 250 g, cut in small strips
-Ginger, 1 nub, chopped
-Garlic, 4-6 cloves, chopped
-Onions, 1 whole, chopped
-Carrots, cut in strips
-Snap peas or green beans, cut in strips
-Cabbage, 200g, shredded
-Shiitake mushroom, cut thinly (optional but desired)
-Fish balls, 5-7 pieces, cut in quarters (optional but desired)
-Shrimps, 200 g, cut in halves
-Chicken broth, ¼ cup*
-Soy sauce, 1 tbsp
-Sesame oil, 2 tbsp
-Cornstarch, 1 tsp
-Cooking oil, 2 tbsp
-Salt and pepper, to taste

*I always have chicken broth ready to be used at home. Remember the chicken tips we used in cooking Wicked Wings? Well, we got loads of them so it's easy to make our own broth. You don't have to make one, though; especially for just a 1/4 cup. One chicken cube is a good alternative for this recipe. Easy!

1. Marinate the chicken breast with salt and pepper (at least 1 tsp each) and 1 tbsp of sesame oil. Set aside.
2. Mix the soy sauce, remaining sesame oil, cornstarch and chicken broth in a bowl. Set aside.
3. Wash the noodles with running water. Drain and set aside.
4. Put oil in a heated pan.
5. Fry the chicken until slightly brown. Set aside for later.
6. Using the same pan, sauté the garlic until golden brown.
7. Add in the onions. Stir until it sweats.
8. Add in the ginger. Stir until it releases its aroma.
9. Add in the carrots, beans and lastly, the cabbage. Be careful not to overcook the veggies.
10. When the carrots turn into a more vibrant color, put in the pre-cooked chicken and the noodles.
11. Toss the noodles for 3-5 minutes.
12. Add in the sauce prepared in Step 2.
13. Stir well until it becomes sticky.
14. Season with salt and pepper.
15. Turn off the heat and do not cover.
16. Serve while hot with a cold beverage.

Lo Mein Recipe

Yumm!! Remember me when you cook!

How To Cook Lo Mein | Lo Mein Recipe

If I could at least re-make a close to similar taste of Jollibee’s Chickenjoy in my own kitchen, would I dare try? Heck, yeah! And so, I will. And so, I did.

Fried Chicken Recipe

Jollibee has long convinced me as a kid that its Langhap Sarap Chickenjoy Fried Chicken has got to be one of the best chicken recipes ever cooked in the whole wide world. I suppose many Filipinos would agree with me on that. The ‘I Love You Sabado’ commercials of the giant food chain may have played a big part in the brainwash… but, it worked (and for a long time, too!). In fact, it took years before I finally opened my options (and palate) to the chicken of McDonald’s and KFC. They do have their differences. But what’s never gonna’ change is how I will always reminisce the wonders of being a child having a Jolly Chickenjoy and a small service of cupped rice neatly packed in a styro-foam as I ate those mouth-watering chicken legs and breast with gusto, content and pride. Priceless!

Now that I’m all grown up though, it’s about time I make my own fried chicken. Inspired and guided with that memory of eating the juiciest, tastiest Jolly Fried Chicken, I share this recipe with you.

-Chicken, 1kg, cut
-Salt, 1-2 tsp*
-Freshly ground black pepper, 1-2 tsp* 

*Adjust depending on your preference

Fried Chicken Recipe

Jollibee Fried Chicken Wannabe Coating:

-Rice flour, ½ cup
-Cornstarch, ½ cup
-Five spice powder, ½ tbsp
-Garlic powder, ½ tbsp
-Onion powder, ½ tbsp
-Salt, ½ tsp
-Cooking oil, for frying

1. Season the chicken with salt and pepper.
2. Let the chucks sit for at least 10 minutes.
3. Mix all the ingredients for coating on a large bowl. Make sure to combine them evenly.
4. Start coating the chicken one by one. Make sure that all surface of the chicken is covered, including the inner portions under the skin.
5. Shake off excess powder mixture from the chicken.
6. Heat the oil for frying.
7. When ready, fry the chicken under medium heat.

In our case, we didn’t deep fry our chucks because it seems to be too excessive. Just make sure that at least half of chicken is covered by the oil.

8. Avoid overcrowding the pan with the chucks. Give them enough space to cook and breathe.
9. Drain as they cook.
10. Serve while hot.

Fried Chicken Recipe

Remember me when you cook!

How To Cook Jolly Fried Chicken | Fried Chicken Recipe

Here's a simple bitter gourd recipe without the bitterness of it all.

Ginisang Ampalaya Recipe

Ginisang ampalaya (bitter gourd) is not a popular dish in our home. That’s because it is a bitter gourd. There’s just no way candy coating it. But there is an easy way to keep the bitterness off. That's with the help of the trusted salt. See further below how I do it.

There is a timely need for me to cook ampalaya recently as I am not having enough sleep lately. My bub is waking us up in the wee hours of the morning just because! I know I need to load up on some kind of iron-packed foods. And I remember the elders in the Philippines telling us before that ampalaya is indeed good in fighting the stress of not being able to sleep well. …and so, here I am with this post. I hope my ginisang ampalaya recipe would do some good for me other than filling up the tummy.

Here's how it's done at our home.

-Ampalaya, 1 whole, cut as below (Scoop out the core of the bitter gourd with a small spoon.)

Ginisang Ampalaya Recipe

To do away with the bitterness of the ampalaya, I washed it first with water. Drain; then, rub salt on it. I let it sit in a bowl as I prepare the other ingredients. After finishing up all the cutting and before I put in the oil in the pan, I drain again the water from the bowl. If you don’t like a very bitter dish, this simple technique will do wonders.

-Garlic, 5-7 cloves, chopped
-Onions, 1 whole, chopped
-Tomatoes, 2 pieces, chopped
-Pork shoulders, 100g, cut small
-Vermicelli noodles (sotanghon), 50g, soaked in water
-Egg, 1 whole, beaten
-Water, 1 cup
-Fish sauce, 1 tbsp
-Salt and pepper, to taste
-Cooking oil, 1tbsp

Ginisang Ampalaya Recipe

1. Prep the vermicelli by soaking it in tap water. Cut into desired length, if need be.
2. Put oil on a heated pan.
3. Fry the fatty portions of the meat first under medium heat.
4. When they turn brown, add in the garlic. Stir well.
5. When the garlic turns golden, add in the rest of the pork.
6. Season with fish sauce.
7. When the pork had rendered most of its fats and had turned brown, add in the onions. Stir well. This may take 15-20 minutes.
8. When the onions sweat, put the tomatoes in.
9. Continue mixing until the tomatoes start to juice up.
10. Add in the bitter gourd. Stir well.
11. Add in the eggs. Continue stirring.
12. When the eggs had formed with the dish, add the water. Do not cover the pot.
13. When the water boils, add in the vermicelli noodles.
14. Wait for at least 5 minutes to cook the noodles.
15. Add salt and pepper, to taste.
16. Serve while hot.

Ginisang Ampalaya Recipe

There you have it. Enjoy!

How To Cook Ginisang Ampalaya | Bitter Gourd Recipe

This tinolang tahong recipe is mussels cooked in ginger soup. Lemongrass gives the dish a lighter, refreshing dimension. If you have it at home, I suggest you try the lemongrass, too.

Steamed Mussels Recipe

I remember having steamed mussels in one of Bangkok’s wet markets. They steam the mussels over a very richly seasoned soup. The broth is of different spices – holy basil, galangal, red hot chilli that makes it ever so appetising. They serve the mussels together with this broth; but the soup is so salty and spicy that we cannot actually enjoy it. The mussels are definitely tasty, though.

This recipe I’m sharing with you is of the Filipino style of cooking steamed mussels. It’s not really ‘steamed’ since the mussels are cooked in a tasty ginger-based broth. This way, we can enjoy both the hot broth and the mussels. Also, the ingredients are more basic so you can find easily find them in the market. We don’t often cook mussels in this part of the world since they are quite expensive. It so happened that Blue NZ mussels were on sale the other day. We just had to have some.

Cooking this mussels recipe is very quick and very easy to do. In essence, you just need to make a quick broth and add in the mussels. When they open up their shells, it is nearly done. Turn off the heat and serve them ASAP. You don't want to leave it too long in the heat because they will continue to cook, shrink and may even be tough to eat.

Here’s how we do it at home.


-Tahong (Mussels), 1kg
-Garlic, 5-7 cloves, chopped
-Onions, 1 big whole, chopped
-Ginger, 1 nub, chopped
-Freshly ground black pepper, 1 tsp
-Fish sauce, 1 tbsp
-Water, 2 cups
-Lemongrass, 2 stalks, chopped
-Long green chili, 1 piece
-Cooking oil, 1 tbsp

Steamed Mussels Recipe

Look at this beauty! It'll easily go with several gulps of coke! :))


1. Put oil in a heated pan.
2. Saute garlic under medium heat.
3. When the garlic turns golden, add in the onions.
4. When the onions sweat, add in the ginger.
5. Saute the ginger well until it releases its aroma.
6. Add in the lemongrass. Continue stirring.
7. Put in the water. Cover and allow the dish to boil.
8. Add in the chili and pepper when the water begins to boil.
9. Add in the mussels after 30 seconds. Close the lid.
10. When the mussels open, season with fish sauce.
11. Give a quick stir and turn off the heat.
12. Serve while hot with a pair of fried dish.

And here's the after-math of our tiny feast! As what my little boy would say... All gone! Funish now!! :)

Steamed Mussels Recipe

Remember me when you cook!

How To Cook Tinolang Tahong | Steamed Mussels Recipe

It’s garden salad in shrimp paste. I’m pretty sure you haven’t made this salad before. The common salad dressings you’ve probably had are Vinaigrette, Greek salad dressing, Caesar’s salad dressing and several other rich-flavored ones.

Broccoli Salad Recipe

Well, what I have for you here is a lot Asian, particularly Pinoy-style. It’s very simple to do and packed with flavors, too. This broccoli salad goes very well with your grilled and barbecued meats. Just perfect for summer!

Here’s what you need.

Broccoli Salad Recipe

-Sweet shrimp paste, 1-2 tsp (I bought mine from the Asian Market nearest our place.)

Broccoli Salad Recipe

-Onions, 1 whole, chopped
-Tomatoes, 1-2 whole, cut into chunks
-Broccoli, 1 bunch, cut into chunks

You may also throw in some spinach in the mix, if you have some.


1. Blanch the broccoli for 3-5 minutes.
2. Drain and set aside.
3. Put all the ingredients together in a bowl.
4. Mix well.
5. Cool in the fridge until serving time.
6. Serve with your preferred viand.

Broccoli Salad Recipe

This recipe is very similar to our ensaladang talong (Eggplant Salad), a very Filipino kind of salad. It's a mix of grilled eggplant, steamed ladyfingers and fresh tomatoes and onions. The dressing of course is the shrimp paste, as well. We often bring this salad when we have picnics by the beach. So, so good with grilled fish and pork. Now, we have an alternative to our ensaladang talong dish. And it's even quicker to prepare.

Hubby and I enjoy this kind of salad because it’s very easy to do. It goes well with our Grilled Spare Ribs recipe which is often done at home. Also, it’s not that calorific. We shy away from mayo-based salad dressings because they’re too rich for

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this one.

Remember me when you cook.

How To Make Healthy Broccoli Salad | Broccoli Salad Recipe

Here’s a quick and easy way to enjoy left-over rice. Get some bacon and eggs and let’s make a new dish from those day old rice!

Fried Rice Recipe

We have tons of cooked rice sitting in the cooker right now. It pains me to eat them plain as they are when there are so many ways to improve it. I’m thinking of making a tasty dish from it. And it looks like the ingredients I need are not far from reach. I have bacon just lying in the fridge. I’ve got eggs, garlic and some frozen veggies just itching to be cooked. 

And so, why not?! I am making bacon fried rice.

-Left-over rice
-Eggs, 1 whole
-Bacon, chopped
-Frozen peas, corns and carrots (or any vegetable, fresh or frozen, you have at home)
-Garlic, 3-4 cloves, chopped
-Salt, ½-1 tsp
-Cooking oil, 1 tbsp
-Salt and pepper, to season

1. Wet the rice with a few drops of water from the tap.
2. Season this with salt.
3. Gently mash the rice with your hands just to mix the salt and water together. Set aside.
4. Put oil on a heated pan.
5. Put in the bacon bits.
6. Stir well under medium heat.
7. When the bacon starts to crisp, put in the garlic. Continue stirring.
8. When the garlic turns golden, add in the egg.
9. Continue stirring until the egg is beaten together with the bacon and garlic.
10. Add in the frozen veggies or the vegetable of your choice (e.g. fresh broccoli, spinach, carrots, young corn… the list goes on.)
11. When the veggies are cooked, add in the rice.

Make sure the heat is on medium to high. The idea is to dry up the water you sprinkled earlier and for the rice not to stick to each other.

12. Season the dish with salt and pepper.
13. Serve with the viand of your choice. (Beef Pares goes very well with fried rice, by the way.)

Fried Rice Recipe


How To Cook Bacon Fried Rice | Fried Rice Recipe

I have always loved eating embutido. And who wouldn’t? It’s a Filipino party food! When it’s on a table spread, you’d be crazy not to have some!

Embutido Recipe

The concept of cooking embutido is very easy. All you do is mix all the ingredients together. Roll them in a foil. Then, steam. Easy, right? Well, in truth of it all, preparing embutido takes time. I don’t do this recipe often because I find it a bit of a challenge compared to the other everyday dishes that I cook. 

But today’s an exception. It’s my son's 2nd birthday. Hubby and I decided to serve it for his small celebration. I don’t mind pounding 2 kilos of meat by hand because it is for my little boy. 

Here's how I make my cheezy embutido recipe.


-Minced pork, 1 kgs
-Breadcrumbs, 2 cups
-Tomato sauce, 1 cup
-Garlic, 1 bulb, chopped
-Onions, 1 whole, chopped
-Bell peppers, 1 whole (red and green, preferably), chopped
-Carrots, 1 whole, chopped
-Pickle relish, 1 cup
-Raisins, 1 cup
-Cheddar cheese, 2-3 cups, shredded
-Raw eggs, 2-3 pieces
-Hard boiled eggs, 6 pieces (See how I cook hard boiled eggs here.)
-Hotdogs, 750g, sliced in halves
-Salt, 3-4 tbsp
-Pepper, to taste
-Aluminium foil and steamer


1. Chop the garlic, onions, bell peppers and carrots to bits. If you have a food processor, put all these ingredients in and mince away.
2. Put the meat, minced ingredients, raw eggs, breadcrumbs, raisins, cheese, tomato sauce, pickle relish, pepper and 3 tbsp of salt.
3. Mix the ingredients altogether. Use your strong fists if you have to. I know I did! It’s just too hard to stir with all these components with a ladle.
4. When all are mixed up, test the embutido mixture. Fry a spoonful portion into a pan to see if you got the flavors right. Add salt and pepper, or cheese or tomato sauce according to your preference. If so, you are ready for packing!
5. Place a sheet of foil onto the table.
6. Measure ¾ – 1 cup of mixture. Lay it flat on the foil. 

If you want your embutido rolls chunky, don't flatten them too much.
7. Place a piece of hotdogs and boiled eggs on the flattened mixture.
8. Sprinkle cheddar cheese onto the hotdogs and eggs.
Embutido Recipe

9. Slowly roll the foil from your side towards the other side. Make sure to roll as tightly as you can there's little air in between the meats.
10. Seal the 2 sides of the foil as you make the roll.
11. Steam rolled embutidos for 1 hour up to a hour and 15 minutes.
12. Let it cool before serving.

Embutido Recipe

I normally cook this a day ahead to avoid the stress of it all. After cooling, I put in the fridge as I wait for serving time. Before serving, I just re-heat by either frying or steaming. (It is usually steaming for me; but you can do either.)

There you have it!! Remember me when you cook!

How To Cook Cheezy Embutido | Embutido Recipe

Pork giniling is the Filipino version of the picadillo recipe. 

Pork Picadillo Recipe

This is a simple pork dish fried with saute’d garlic, onions and tomatoes. Some put tomato sauce in their picadillo to make it richer. As for me, I’m sticking with the basic. I don’t want to overpower the natural sweetness of the tomatoes with the flavors of the tomato sauce. Also, I have raisins to do that job for me.

Here’s how I make my simple pork picadillo recipe.


Pork Picadillo Recipe

-Minced pork, 400g
-Garlic, 5-7 cloves, crushed and chopped
-Onions, 1 whole, chopped
-Tomatoes, 2 whole, chopped
-Potatoes, 1 whole, cubed
-Carrots, 1 whole, cubed (optional)
-Raisings, 40g
-Water, 1 cup
-Fish sauce, 1 tbsp
-Salt and pepper, to taste
-Cooking oil, 2-3 tbsp
-Hard-boiled eggs

1. Pour cooking oil in a heated pan.
2. Saute the garlic under medium heat.
3. When the garlic turns golden, put in the pork.
4. Season the pork with fish sauce.
5. Let it cook for 15-20 minutes. Stir occasionally.
6. When the pork had released its juices and shows off its oils, add in the onions and tomatoes.
7. Stir well until the tomatoes have wilted.
8. Add in the water.
9. Put in the potatoes and raisins.
10. Let the dish boil under low heat for 10-15 minutes.
11. Season with salt and pepper according to your liking.
12. Serve on a dish with boiled eggs.

Here's how I cook my hard boiled eggs:

Put the eggs together with the water instead of waiting for the water to boil first before adding in the eggs. Since I’m going for hard boiled ones, anyway; there is no need for me to be cautious. When the water boils, wait for 3-5 minutes before turning the heat off. Done.

This pork giniling recipe is very easy to do. It’s one of my go-to dishes when I’m in a rush or simply have nothing in mind to cook. 

Pork Picadillo Recipe

There! Let's eat!!

How To Cook Pork Picadillo | Pork Picadillo Recipe

Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta

Are you thinking of what to do with the chicken breast in your fridge? What about doing a very tasty, Asian flavored pasta recipe? My lemon basil chicken pasta is so easy to do. You can absolutely make it at home.

The hubby and I enjoy this dish so much because it brings us back to Thailand, a place that’s very close to our hearts. It also involves cooking with healthy oils, too. We’re using chicken breast and the sauce is based on olive oil with loads of herbs and spices. If you are conscious with what you eat, you wouldn’t mind getting the calories from this pasta dish.

Here’s the recipe!

-Chicken breast, 300g
-Garlic powder, 2 tsp
-Freshly ground black pepper, ½ tsp
-Fish sauce, 3-4 tsp
-Dried basil leaves, 1 tsp
-Raw sugar, 1 tbsp
-Lemon squeeze, ½-1 tbsp

1. Cut the chicken breasts into thin slices.
2. Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.
3. Marinate the breast for at least an hour.

Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta

4. Pan-grill the chicken under medium heat for 4 minutes per side.
5. Wait for the chicken to caramelize and char a bit.
6. Take off from the pan and let it rest.

Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta

7. Place on top of basil pasta.

For the basil pasta, you’ll need…

-Pasta, 500g
-Garlic, 5-7 cloves, chopped and minced
-Onions, 1 whole, chopped
-Tomato, 1 whole, chopped
-Dried basil, 1tbsp
-Italian herbs, 1tbsp
-Salt and pepper, to taste
-Olive oil, 10-12 tbsp

1. Cook the pasta in salted water.
2. Drain with a strainer after testing the pasta for its al dente texture. (Check the link here to see how I cook my pasta.)
3. Pour olive oil in a heated pan.
4. Saute the garlic and onions. Wait for it to sweat.
5. Add in the tomatoes. Stir well.
6. Wait for the tomatoes to wilt.
7. Cover and let the dish simmer for 5-7 minutes under low to medium heat.
8. Put in the basil and Italian herbs.
9. Stir well.
10. Season with salt and pepper.
11. Add in the pasta.
12. Transfer to a plate.
13. Place the lemon basil chicken on top of the pasta.

Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta

That’s it! Quick and easy, yeah? Savor your chicken pasta with a cold drink.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Remember me when you cook!

How To Cook Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta | Lemon Basil Chicken Recipe

Looking for the perfect finger-smacking chicken wings recipe? Here’s a very tasty, soft to the bone and crunchy wings recipe that I really, really recommend for you to try.

Wicked Chicken Wings

It’s good to serve on small gatherings with friends and family. This Wicked Wings would work while watching at home big sporting events like the Super Bowl, or NBA Playoffs, or a Manny Pacquiao fight, maybe? :) Heck! We cook it at home just because!


- Chicken wings, 1kg
- Sriracha hot chili sauce, ¼ cup (or any hot sauce that you have or prefer)
- Sweet chili sauce, ¼ cup
- Raw sugar, 1tsp
- Salt, ½ tsp
- Garlic, 4-6 cloves, minced
- Unsalted butter, 85-100g

1. Cut off the tips of the wings. Separate them on the joints. 

Here’s a little tip regarding those wings… Do not throw them! Freeze them. You can use the chicken wing tips in making the broth for your soup. They'll add nice flavors in your dish.

Wicked Chicken Wings

2. Boil water in a steamer under high heat.
3. Once boiling, place the wings in the steamer basket and adjust to medium heat.
4. Steam for 10 minutes. (Before steaming, make sure that the chucks are at room temperature.)
5. After 10 minutes of steaming, remove wings from the steamer and carefully pat it dry with kitchen tissues.
6. Place the wings on a tray; and leave them in the fridge to dry for at least 1 hour. Do not cover. You may need to clear off some space for your chicken trays.

7. Pre heat the oven to 225-240 degrees C (depending on your oven).
8. Put baking paper on the oven tray. Put the wings one by one on the tray.
9. Roast the wings preferably at the middle rack of the oven for about 20 mins. 

10. Turn the wings over and cook for another 20-30 minutes or until the skin is golden brown.
11. Take the chicken off the oven.
12. Let them rest for about 3-5 mins to make the skin crunchier.

Wicked Chicken Wings

If you don't have an oven, you can fry the wings, instead for 7-10 mins. Make sure to drain the excess oil before tossing them to the sauce.

And for the Wicked Sauce:
13. While the chicken is roasting, put butter and garlic in a pan under very low heat.
14. When the butter melts, put in the Sriracha sauce and sweet chili sauce. Stir gently.
15. Add salt and sugar. Stir for about 2 mins.
16. Place the rested chicken wings to a bowl.

Wicked Chicken Wings

17. Coat with the sauce. Make sure to cover all the wings’ surface.
18. Serve with a cold drink.

Wicked Chicken Wings

I know that this recipe guide seems to be long and challenging. Well, it's not. This one's very easy to do! 

See, what we do is steam the chicken in the evening which takes about 30 minutes, including the patting dry and the prepping in the fridge. Then, we roast come lunch or dinner time. Since we do the sauce during roasting, the cooking time would take just about 40-45mins. So, when you think of it… it’s really quick and easy, yeah?

Here's what we have to show after the little feast for two we had at home.

Wicked Chicken Wings

Remember me when you cook!

Wicked Chicken Wings

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